Artist/ Band: Kirlian Aura
Title: Kirlian Aura
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Kirlian Auraís self-titled CD is a wonderful display of instrumental progressive rock. Itís divided four stories, On Eagles Wings (5 parts), In The Company of Stars (4 parts) , Streets Of Rain (8 parts) and Spectre of The Sargasso (6 parts) Each story and itís individual parts tells their tales and for a one man band at times sounds like at least a full 4 piece band. I was amazed at the musicianship and the quality of the recording, which is crisp and clean. Never does Keith Petty show off on any one instrument, he utilizes them to tell his stories, mostly through melodic synthesizer and keyboard playing.

Keith Pettyís work is very impressive and provides a calming yet vitalizing listen to his debut effort Kirlian Aura each time. I really donít have a favorite track, yeah I know sounds like a cop-out but itís true. I would however like to see any one of the four stories fleshed out for a second release, perhaps a sequel if you will?!?

I think Kirlian Aura will become a household name soon enough for those that enjoy instrumental progressive rock. This, in my opinion is just a glimpse at Keithís musical genius under the Kirlian Aura moniker and the best is yet to come. I believe those fans will really enjoy this CD. Pick up your copy today!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 8th, 2007


I. On Eagles Wings:

I. Lords of the Air
1. On Eagles Wings
2. Often Imitated, Never Equaled
3. The Shaman
4. Metamorphosis
5. Riding the Thermal

II. In the Company of Stars:

6. High Above the Blue World Called E
7. Tales of the Night Sky
8. Pushing the Envelope
9. Point of No Return

III. Streets of Rain:

10. Onward Wayward Traveler
11. A Bolt From the Blue
12. Lights Are Burning Bright
13. Nobody's Home
14. Nocturnal Pursuit
15. Consciousness Betrayed?
16. All Too Real
17. Clearing Skies

IV. Spectre of the Sargasso:

18. Christopher Columbus Was Here
19. The Ship's Manifest
20. Calm Before the Storm
21. Something Off the Starboard Bow
22. In Keeping With Tradition
23, Dead Reckoning/ The Way Home

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