Artist/ Band: Kenny Weydener
Title: Kenny Weydener
Label: Kenny Weydener Music
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

No doubt about it, Kenny Weydener is a fantastic bass player as well as being able to play percussion and guitar. He is a prolific composer as well. This self titled CD is his 3rd official release and contains a 50/50 dose of solo bass acrobatics, and jazz fusion cuts, along with mellow easy listening music that range from the Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report) to the explorations of Dave LaRue. The release is all instrumental.

Kennyís recordings are all grounded and led by the bass guitar. Youíll get to hear his skill of using fretless and harmonics just to mention a couple. He utilizes multi-tracking for a full band sound at times, then chooses to give a sample of solo bass in some cuts. The first track gives you a taste of classical, funk, and jazz. The 2nd tune brings in drums, and multiple bass parts to really sound like a full band. You get a more easy breezy song on track 3. Cut 4 would be a great driving to work and back song. Track 5 is more introspective with just bass. For me, this would be a nice CD for the whole family to listen to. It has the feel of a small concert performance setting that would not be out of place in the good old Windham Hill label. You get the feeling that Kenny is telling a short story with each cut. I can see how his work has been used on the Discovery Science Channel. He is also a producer and owns a studio where is works his skills in New York.

Kenny works as an online session bassist and some of his music has also been used in major tv/film. Needless to say he is a busy man and appears to have no intention of slowing down. Kenny considers this 3rd solo to be his best yet. I totally agree with him as I hear a lot of variety, but also a nice style thread going through the 12 compositions on the recording. Itís clear that he has a command of the bass and a good understanding of the drums. I can instantly tell he has a great ear for music too. Sometimes that is missing from an artist. I see more great things ahead for Mr. Weydener.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on April 6th, 2012


01. Testosterone Grande 1:25
02. Acid 3:04
03. Awakening 3:36
04. Smoothie 3:55
05. J-31 2:50
06. Fresh 3:00
07. Sonata in C 0:42
08. Heart 4:28
09. Black Hole 2:22
10. Dawn 2:39
11. Crusher 2:56
12. Wings 3:47

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