Artist/ Band: Kaipa
Title: In The Wake Of Evolution
Label: InsideOut
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

1. Why did they make this album? What was the passion or message that forced them to produce what they have? Or, simply what was their motivation for the themes they chose for this album?

“Even after more than 35 years, Kaipa still hold a very special position in the world of progressive rock music.” “Band mastermind and songwriter Hans Lundin’s unusual understanding of melodies, the great qualities of this technically extremely accomplished group, their penchant for diverse stylistic means and timeless influences – all these aspects are focused on their latest album release, In The Wake Of Evolution.” “Lundin (keyboards, vocals), guitarist Per Nilsson (ScarSymmetry), drummer Morgan Ågren (Zappa), bassist Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic), the vocalists Patrik Lundström (Ritual) and Aleena Gibson, plus guests Elin Rubinsztein (violin) and Fredrik Lindqvist (Ritual), expertly mix tried and tested styles from the history of rock music with timeless variations.” Inside Out Press Release

“Lundin himself on his music: “I’d call it progressive folk fusion rock.” “With only one exception, Kaipa have worked with the same constant line-up for many years.” “This is the fifth album with the same line up, apart from Per Nilsson who joined us on the previous album, Angling Feelings.” “After the recording of Mindrevolutions in 2005, Roine Stolt and I decided to go separate ways.” “I had worked together with Per when we recorded the Hagen album, Corridors Of Time, in the late 1990s and invited him to become a member of Kaipa during the autumn of 2005.” “It has been very constructive and pleasant to work with Per.” “In addition to being an extremely talented musician, he is also very open-minded and not afraid of trying anything unexpected.” “The current line-up is my dream band in a way; it’s a great pleasure to work with these extremely talented and amicable musicians.” Inside Out Press Release

2. What message are they delivering through their lyrics and music?

1. In The Wake of Evolution 10.57 – The cheerful keys and guitar which open this epic are full of spring. Few bands can capture a moment or a whole season in such quick bursts of power. Kaipa does capture spring perfectly in the opening overture that begins this epic, with the power and majesty that comes with the drums, launching guitars and bass that follow the quiet opening. You feel the power of spring coming back to life after a long cold winter all over this overture. It’s magnificent!

Then Aleena’s beautiful, child – like vocals with wonderful lyrics, “Please excuse me, I’ve been living in the past.” “I have walked the same old path for many years.” “…can you guide me I am lost.” “All these places on my map they just don’t match.” The world has changed and we can all feel her sadness as she reminisces about her childhood. “…where’s the forest where I walked.” “Where are the fishes that were swimming in our lake?” “What’s this dry land which has driven away all the rain?” She captures the anger and pain so well with her screams.

Then the epic rolls back into an awesome turbine of power keys, bass, drums and lead guitar. The strength of this song is hard to match on the album and really rockets this album to greatness early. The guitar solos are very unique and again full of wonder and imagination. Spring bursts out from every note and section of this epic.

Patrick’s lead vocals balanced with Aleena’s, setting up the Adam/Eve contrast perfectly. The rhythms and melodies within this epic make it one of the best songs on the album. A no holds barred effect each time they break into an instrumental extravaganza. I could write a page long review about this one song, there is so much incredible instrumentation and detail here.

Off to a magnificent start!

2. In The Heart of Her Own Magic Field 5:12 – Slow guitar and keys then woodwind sounds as Aleena’s beautiful voice peeks through the magical sounds. Like a story from a book unfolding. “There’s a voice in the wind and a breeze through her hair.” “Like an invisible touch.” “Where she sails on a river, winter to fall, time doesn’t matter.” “Seasons recalled.” A girl’s wonderland, where she takes us all for a visit. The playful woodwind sounds begin again, before lead, bass guitar and those rocking drums. Then we’re off on another wonderful journey through the fields and streams she remembers through her own “Cosmic Mind.”

The rhythm and melody of the instrumentals really capture the spirit, and drive your emotions. The drumming is inspired and takes you in many different directions. Aleena’s voice is so playful and perfect for an Alice in Wonderland type of journey.

3. Electric Power Water Notes 17:51 – Cool keys, backing vocal oohs, and woodwind sounds open this song, before a cool gradual launching lead guitar solo supported by bass and piano reaches a peak. Then the vocals come in, “A sense of silent light though the night still fills the air. “ “A sense of moving water chasing voices in the dark.” “They hit me in the sunrise when I take a silent walk.” “Hypnotic power voices loud.” “Their sound cover the air. “They linger in my consciousness.” “But no one seems to (dare/care – used interchangeably throughout the song).” “The world around me carries on.” “Am I alone to care?” “Another reality.”

Then the longest epic on the album roars off with power bass, keys, and lead guitar. We’re off on a very cool journey of the mind. A break for some cool ripping lead, rhythm setting bass and those very prominent drums which really seem to be coming from all corners of the room directly at you. The keys are golden and really set a mood. Every minute, a time well spent, and one you can’t wait to go back. Then that building guitar rhythm with bass and the powerful drum salute. The keys and woodwind sounds give a moments relief from the massive power surrounding you from this epic, before we plunge as if over a waterfall or into a canyon of sound.

“The river gently flows through a dry and meager land. “ “The silent ripples slowly reach the sound of an electric guitar. “ “Reach the water with a cry.” The climax is cool and you wish you could be a part of the world or event that must have inspired this music. The mystical background voices and guitars weaving in and out, recreating a world we can only dream of in the past. The guitar solos are just incredible, supported by cool organ – like sounds taking you back to the best sounds of 70s prog.

“Divides the water into, screaming light, electric notes.” Yeh…imagine that set to music.

The loud guitar and bass solo close a section of the song, as another section opens with cool keys, accompanied by massive drums and bass. They begin to build the rhythm with the launching lead guitar ripping through the melody to create the river flowing faster or train running fast across the countryside effect. You feel as if any minute you will cascade over the falls. The vocals emphasize the power of the lyrics. Those drums are magnificent. I wish everyone had the opportunity to take this journey. “Another reality!”

I love the epics and this one does not disappoint! Nothing is missing!

4. Folkia's First Decision 2:33 – Pan flute like sounds with an acoustic guitar to accompany. Spring bursting out all over this album and highlighted again with this beautiful interlude opening. Then the rest of the band enters with violin, surrounding drums, guitars and bass. The sound is so classical and folk – like that you wish it would last longer than over 2 minutes.

5. The Words are Like Leaves 5:36 – Slow keys, guitar, violin and soft drums before Aleena’s beautiful voice enters again. More and now different sounds of spring. “Leave another station, far behind.” “Unfold all my feelings let them wind, through the open landscape.” “Through the changes that keep passing through my mind.” A season of changes set to music.

“Where’s this railway ending?” This is my introduction to Aleena’s powerful and beautiful voice and it is a wonderful surprise unveiling. I will be looking for more Kaipa albums as well as her other solo projects.

6. Arcs of Sound 8:22 – Rollicking guitar, drums, keys, and bass before “I put my message in a bottle, and I threw it out into the sea.” The season of dreaming. It is finally here, all over the Northern Hemisphere.

“I scratched the surface, wanted to break through.” “To find out what it hides.” Imagine exploration and wonder coming back to our world again. The thrill of discovery. My first emotional discovery of this band. It was more than fate that it happened with this album, I hope. “I tried to walk through an eye of a needle.” “Pass through an hour glass.” Yes, this music and the lyrics are full of fun and imagination. The cover artwork foretells of the beauty and the imagination which will unfold within.

The guitar and key instrumentals are light and airy with the drums pounding along. The guitar solos are amazing bursts of light and color into this awesome rainbow of sound. That Supper’s Ready - like gather – up brings back so many memories. “I expected the wind to bring me a song.” “They’ll be back with the soaring seagulls.” “They would bring me my message back.”

The closing section with rocking drums and soaring guitar is fantastic. Then they unleash all instruments with incredible backing vocals.

7. Smoke From A Secret Source 9:24 – Those child – like keys, with drums and soaring guitar. Violin and drums providing a classical interlude before the action begins.

Smashing drums and raw lead guitar set the rhythm and melody as another journey of over 9 minutes gets under way. “Inside a distant sound like from a heartbeat.” “Beyond the silent rhythms of the night.” “Like a message that will mesmerize the moment.” (that last line hits the mark squarely – couldn’t say it any better).

Those drums and the way this band magically drives the sound by adding more and more to the pallet as the music builds is wonderful.

“Islands arise, spread out their shores.” “Reach for our hands.” “See how they’re filling the air.” “See how we fly.” Yes, this is very inspirational. The listener is lifted with every turn of the story and the emotion of this music. The instrumental that closes this is awesome.

8. The Seven Oceans of Our Mind 10:09 – The closer. Slow acoustic guitar and those woodwinds surrounding, providing morning light. “Why do rocks always survive, on their journey through the motions?” “Why do they not grow old?” “They keep patiently waiting.” “They just ignore all the madness created by us.” The lyrics throughout this album hit so many perfect emotions. “They have seen so many slip, they have seen so many fall.” “They have proved that truth is just a word, for the crown of creation.” “They have seen that the law of nature is a thing you can’t ignore.”

The hums section is a very cool effect. You have to hear this to understand it. I will not spoil it with my words. Let’s just say it’s one of the best sections of the album. A Supper’s Ready type of lyrical power and glory. “Let their message fill our souls!” That is as much as you will get unless you buy the album.

The lead guitar, organ sounds and those kick ass drums just roar this epic to a close so well. Another Supper’s Ready – like finish to what will no doubt be a classic spring album favorite for years to come. “We sailed the seven oceans of our mind.” “We watched the silent waves we leave behind.” “We reach out for the future and the dream that we think we will find, inside our seven oceans that we hide, inside of our minds.” The blaring guitar solo mixed with those drums is a wonderful way to close the album. Then all vocalist chime in and the power builds as the close comes into view.

A kaleidoscope of sound comes back from near silence, reminiscent of the opening effects of the Eleventh Earl of Mar off Wind and Wuthering, only to fade out. Nice close.

3. Does this music improve, change, or add to the genre? What does the listener receive from listening to the music?

This band sounds like it has re-imagined and re-started itself perfectly. For me this is my first album and an introduction, but it will definitely not be the last. This is powerful, imaginative, passionate music delivered by a great crew of brilliant artists. I will go back and purchase their catalog once I get through the heavy season of new releases which is upon all of us reviewers.

Great timing too! This album couldn’t have come at a better time. The new release schedule for 2010 has been very slow up until now, but this album will roar the spring season of new releases into full pitch. The rhythms and melodies transcend the season, but work perfectly now as the days get longer and the entire northern world “reaches out” for islands of adventure after the tranquil winter of sleep and snow.

They really have captured spring in a bottle and they squeeze every wonderful minute into this album.

4. Does it have longevity? Is it something a fan will like to play again and again? The band has rediscovered its beginnings through time. They are off to a very good restart with this album. This will get played all the way up through summer and beyond.

This review includes allot of the best lyrics, but there are so many here to enjoy. I seem to have thousands of prog albums which capture the heart of fall. Fall is when I usually pull out all of my favorite prog albums. I have always associated the best of prog with fall. Until now!

Kaipa has captured the renewed spirit of prog and brought it six months into the future for all of us to appreciate throughout the year. This will also be a wonderful album to listen to throughout the summer. Next year it will warm me up just thinking about the coming spring!

Rating: 10/10 – Gonna be hard to top this one in the prog genre this year. They get the season and year off to a very strong progy start! Thank you for the opportunity to hear this!

Reviewed by Prof on March 30th, 2010


01. In The Wake Of Evolution
02. In The Heart Of Her Own Magic Field
03. Electric Power Water Notes
04. Folkia's First Decision
05. The Words Are Like Leaves
06. Arcs Of Sound
07. Smoke From A Secret Source
08. The Seven Oceans Of Our Minds

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