Artist/ Band: Jordi Kuragarl
Title: Traveller
Label: Corleemadmusic
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

This is 64 minutes of easy on the ears melodic progressive rock that may remind you of Steven Wilson’s (Porcupine Tree) more laid back work. Even the voice has a slight resemblance. The first song surely gives you that notion. Another comparison would be Andrew Latimer (Camel). Jordi has a calming approach to his compositions but within some there is a nice energy as well. His lyrics are mostly personal and sometimes intimate as to what people have thought or gone through in life. Such songs as ‘Just Like A Puppet’ give a sense of frustration. ‘I Don’t Mind’ brings to mind the almost forgotten Stefan Zauner “Prism and Views” album with it’s simple yet irresistible melody and overall sound. I even felt a strong Strawbs vibe with “Under My Umbrella”. You’ll hear some strong elements of Gandalf included especially on ‘Kodama’ with nature effects and crisp percussive samples, gorgeous keyboards, and a meditative atmosphere to melt away in. You get so many songs that just begin with that quiet path, then bloom instantly into am emotionally uplifting giant sunflower. ‘Faith Is A Journey; is one such song. WOW! I can’t stop listening to that one. And it comes just after the instrumental ‘Kodama’.

It was apparent upon first listen that “Traveller” was filled with beautiful focused songs on the gentle side, but so pleasant to listen to and worthy of a place in my collection. I love the whole aura created on the disc. ‘Bounced’ is a commanding instrumental with sky writing lead guitar in the Latimer vein. Beautiful!! There are more like that too. This gives you a strong description of what to expect when you buy this attractive release. It’s a breath of fresh air after a hard day, not to mention a captivating listen at any given time. The second time I listened, it was even better, and third time it had me hooked. It’s sometimes slow paced with a graceful way about it, but surprises you with brilliant bursts of those bigger than life movements just often enough to make it a dream to hear. The music rewards you many times over. While I brag about the powerful moments in this rich and moody work, I also point out the tasteful mellow spots. The last track (‘Hotaru’) caught me by surprise with it’s classical guitar Anthony Phillips sounding performance. Yet another wonderful piece of music. All tracks are written, arranged and performed by this German multi instrumentalist who now has a new fan! Recommended !

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on July 10th, 2012


01. Anywhere But Here 5:45
02. Just Like a Puppet 3:20
03. I Don't Mind 3:51
04. Under My Umbrella 4:54
05. Bounced 4:13
06. What Are You Thinking 3:52
07. London Traveller 4:14
08. The Darkest Night 4:02
09. On My Own 4:12
10. Kodama 4:14
11. Faith Is a Journey 5:17
12. In These Words 4:35
13. Let It Go 5:51
14. Hotaru 5:50

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