Artist/ Band: Jeff Carney
Title: Table For One
Label: Renascent Music
Year of Release: 2000
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The Review:

Jeff Carney is a fantastic guitarist/ pianist with a passionate voice from the SF bay area. On Table For One, he portrays passionate vocals in the vien of Richie Havens/ Ian Anderson/ Peter Hammill without coming off as a copy-cat.
My favorite tracks are; Thursday, along with masterful vocals/guitar ans Lisa on the flute adds a mystical vibe. Endurance features the piano.... here's where the Hammill vocal reference comes in. For You: My Soul.... another Hammillesque song

If you like simplier orchestrations then I'd highly recommend this! I heard Jeff may do a full "electric" band one day... if so he'll definately be one to look out for!!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on May 25th, 2001


1. Thrive [3:52]
2. Please God I Beg You [4:56]
3. I Swan An Ocean [8:41]
4. Thursday [3:25]
5. Endurance [3:44]
6. A For Effort [5:15]
7. Spare Change [2:18]
8. Your First One [3:58]
9. For You: My Soul [7:10]
10. Spiritual [3:41]

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