Artist/ Band: Jed McConkey
Title: Chemical Salvation (EP)
Label: Self Released Ltd Ed
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Songwriter from North Ireland who plays guitars, bass, records, produces and sings extremely well, gives us an extended play recording called “Chemical Salvation”. This is a short concept EP of 28:44 minutes, giving regards to expanded life, everything in-between, and the lessons learned or thankfulness of survival. I see gobs of reviews by varied young people (usually Amazon) raving over CD’s by who they say are “honest” or “real”. If anyone is honest and real in their music it’s Jed McConkey. His songs struck me immediately with brittle to the bone lyrics, grand music sipping into that rare secret well water called true life, and not once ashamed that he is human and fallen, but risen. Some should recognize this artist as one half of Cozmic Box, which I reviewed here in ProgNaut in September 2012. The title cut (track 1 ‘Chemical Salvation’) gives you a brilliant taste of Jed’s prowess. It gives an overflowing gift to any David Gilmour fan, with 70's energy and passion still in full blown blue flame. Jed gives it a twist of programmed drums to add a dash of electronica, which I think makes it stand out even more as his own. It’s even better with headphones as you can hear the perfect mix of acoustic guitar, nicely placed percussion, incredible vocals, and cool programmed keyboards. Also some tasty electric lead guitar. ‘Somewhere In The Haze’ (track 2) journey’s and concludes from vibrant life to flatline, talking of all the years that took each breath away. It’s another exceedingly well crafted and delicately arranged gem. I can’t help but hear a Roy Harper/Dave Gilmour influence at their peak. Jed has incredible control of his voice and patience with his music, that is rewarded with fabulous mixes on his final product. ‘The Spinning’ (track 3) is an instrumental staying in the same vein as the other tunes. It gives a nice place for introspection and retrospection, maybe even a future glimpse of what is to come. A beautiful acoustic dominated cut in the Harper/Gilmour and surrealistic blues genre.

‘Blink of an Eye’ (track 4) has a gentle mid period Pink Floyd fused with a once again Roy Harper feel, fused with that cool electronica in the rhythm programming. This is tremendous! Anyone who doesn’t love this is just deaf. This music just keeps getting greater with each listen. This is more perfectly placed music from the soul.

‘The Dawning Bright Light’, the last track, is spectacular with a folk ballad base, that could and should make McConkey a wealthy man. It’s just one of the 5 songs on this EP that could be a hit for the masses. This heartfelt hushed song is so ideal for the ending number. Jed McConkey is a fully accomplished musician in all aspects.

This ‘Chemical Salvation’ EP is flawless, and is packed with such emotion and humbleness, it just beckons to be heard by millions. If anyone doubts this to be a superior set of songs, then I give you the challenge to buy and listen to it. Listen on a good stereo or even better, with good headphones after a hard day, and just let the music speak. This is a supreme recording and I am so impressed, that I cannot wait for another. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on January 6th, 2013


01. Chemical Salvation (6:39)
02. Somewhere in the Haze (5:14)
03. The Spinning (5:35 )
04. Blink of an Eye (6:07)
05. The Dawning Bright Light (5:07)

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