Artist/ Band: Izz
Title: I Move
Label: Doone Records
Year of Release: 2002
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The latest release from these future prog/pop "masters", I-Move, is a concept album to which I'm not sure the topic but what they do musically, to me is the amazing part.

Each one of the 15 songs are very memorable hummable melodies, danceable grooves and sing-a-long lyrics. They use a combination of the best parts of up-beat pop and symphonic prog, which succeeds where other bands, who sound rather dated & cheesy, fail.

The songs on I-Move may not be for the hard-core progger but I do think it is well worth a listen, especially with it's nods to various prog bands of the past and present without the typical plagiarism.

They have two drummers, one acoustic the other electronic which are used rather well to bring a modern approach to achieve a wider audience base.

Along with excellent musicians, their vocalist and keyboardist, Tom Galgno has a very "user-friendly" sound to his voice and easy to hear lyrics for those who want to sing along to the infectious tunes.

All bands that wish to cross-over into the pop arena to gain some financial success (without completely sell-out), should pay extra careful attention to IZZ who could be the future trend of prog's survival.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 1st, 2002


1. Spinnn' Round [2:26]
2. I - Move [5:25]
3. Weak Little Lad [3:50]
4. I Already Know [3:56]
5. I Wanna Win [5:46]
6. All The New [1:24]
7. Star Evil Gnoma Su [8:38]
8. Another Door [4:43]
9. Something True [2:37]
10. Believe [3:33]
11. Knight of Nights [6:38]
12. The Mists of Dalraids [2:42]
13. Oh, Now It's Great! [4:47]
14. Coming Like Light [11:40]
15. Light From Your Eyes [4:25]

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