Artist/ Band: Iron Kim Style
Title: Iron Kim Style
Label: MoonJune Records
Year of Release: 2010
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Iron Kim Style self titled debut recalls many jazz-fusion bands of the 70’s along with nods to avant-jazz. Due to my limited knowledge of the jazz genre and it’s subgenres I won’t be able to compare Iron Kim Style to many specific bands. I will say this is some heavy stuff and kept me interested all the way through it’s 55 plus minutes debut.

Opening this album is “Mean Streets of Pyongyang”, a ten minute take no prisoners has any true music lover‘s attention. From this point to the last track, is chock full of music that takes several listens to fully appreciate. As I’m writing this review, I’m still digesting the album.

Iron Kim Style consists of Dennis Rea (6-string electric guitar), Jay Jaskit (drums), Bill Jones (trumpet), Thaddaeus Brophy (12-string electric guitar) and Ryan Berg (electric bass). There’s a guest musician on two tracks “Mean Streets of Pyongyang“ and “Adrift“, Izaak Mills (bass clarinet).

In closing if you want your jazz-fusion to be on par with the greats of the 70’s and not the modern style, then I would recommend any aficionados to seek this album out. The time for digesting it is really depending on your experience within this genre. Listeners such as myself will take a bit longer but I must say it‘s well worth it.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 2nd, 2010


01. Mean Streets of Pyongyang
02. Gibberish Falter
03. Po'Brief
04. Don Quixotic
05. Adrift
06. Amber Waves Of Migraine
07. Pachinko Malice
08. Dreams From Our Dear Leader
09. Jack Out The Kims
10. Slouchin' at the Savoy

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