Artist/ Band: Il Cerchio d'Oro
Title: Il Viaggio di Colombo
Label: Black Widow
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Il Cerchio díOro was formed in1974, but havenít released a proper album until 2008, called Il Viaggio Di Colombo. Itís on the Black Widow Records label, which should give those familiar what to expect. They sound like most prog music of the 70Ďs and possibly the early 80Ďs. Since my knowledge of Italian progressive rock is next to nothing, so itís hard to give some realistic comparisons. However I can say their influences range from Banco, to PFM to early Deep Purple with hints of Pink Floyd and Camel.

Il Viaggio Di Colombo is a conceptual album about the story of the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Even though the lyrics are in Italian, the booklet insert includes lyrics in both Italian and English. The English translated lyrics, give the listener a way to follow the story.

There really isnít any stand-out tracks here but if you listen all the way through, youíll feel a certain satisfaction afterwards. If youíre seeking any groundbreaking music, please look elsewhere but if you enjoy fine Italian prog, then this may be a welcomed addition to your collection. As a bonus, there are two unrelated tracks from their 1977 single, which conclude this album. While these tracks donít follow the story, they fit nicely as a epilog (musically) to the album. I hope to hear more from this band as I found them to be quite enjoyable.

While not a groundbreaking album, I think fans of Italian progressive music from the early 70ís onwards would welcome Il Cerchio díOro into their collection. Il Viaggio Di Colombo is a nice album that Iíll be revisiting quite often. A recommended purchase.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2009


01. Ouverture
02. Sognando la Meta
03. Colombo
04. Tre Marinai
05. Ieri, Oggi, ancora Niente
06. Il Silenzio Rumoroso del Mare
07. Preghiera al Vento
08. Tre Giorni (L'Ammutinamento)
09. Tierra! Tierra!
10. Cercando l'Approdo
11. Conclusione (il Ritorno)

Bonus tracks:

12. Quattro Mura
13. Futuro Prossimo

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