Artist/ Band: Hour Of The Shipwreck
Title: The Hour Is Upon Us
Label: Shipwreck Music & Co.
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Los Angeles' Hour Of The Shipwreck came out of nowhere with their debut The Hour Is Upon Us . Their sound is simply sublime with it’s dreamy soundtrack meets progressive rock like quality. To achieve this, they incorporate a live choir and a backing symphony of strings and brass on top of the main "band" of traditional instruments (guitar, keyboards, bass and drums). The vocals are mostly done by Richie Kohan, who’s ethereal-sounding voice puts him in league with Thom Yorke (but less whiney), Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Bruce Sood (The Pineapple Thief).

While the pace of the album is dreamy, there are moments of aggressive instrumentation with bursts of guitars and heavier drumming. The compositions of each song seems to be inspired from the soundtrack work most notably, Danny Elfman. In fact, I could make a basic description of the music saying ’what if Danny Elfman fronted Radiohead” and this will give an idea of what to expect.

I have to admit I fell in love with this album,, especially “Soft Napalm Pillows” and it took me a little longer than usual to sit down and write a review. The sole reason I felt like I was in a dreamy epic movie that I kept repeating. If you enjoy dreamy orchestral based rock music, Hour Of The Shipwreck is a no-brainer and a must have album. Highly recommended, indeed!!!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 3rd, 2008


1. The Chandelier Suite
2. Save The World
3. My Fantasy
4. Soft Napalm Pillow
5. Mt. Davidson
6. Flying
7. Unclouded Eyes

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