Artist/ Band: Hetty Lane
Title: The Other Boy EP
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

For those who read my reviews, you’ll remember me mentioning Hetty Lane from the recent Cozmic Box “Flame of Truth” review where she did two totally wonderful guest spots on vocals. This is a self released EP with 5 beautifully played and sung songs, written by Hetty. You get a beautiful presentation of her doing vocals and acoustic guitar. A very spot on variety of drum programming, piano, percussion, harmonica and great voice overdub compliment Hetty’s brilliant pop and folk songs. Both the guitar and voice are done in such a delicate and harmonious way and I instantly picked up this genuine spirit passing on the outstanding music she created here. If there is a definition of raw talent, this is it.

Some young voices come to mind from their roots as comparison such as Maggie Reilly, Regina Spektor, and the soft country Lee Ann Womack (I say this in total respect) with that innocence but passion and perfect pitch. Fact is, it’s the hardest thing for me to compare Hetty to anyone specifically, as she has her own stratosphere. One thing I am sure of, I know she is going to make it big and I was taken back instantly by her voice. It is rare to have the pure soul and creative art as a musician, but I tell you true, Hetty is that person. There are 18 minutes of entrancing composition on the EP with a definite charm to the ear. The first song ‘Calling Her Name’, beckons the country influences and beautiful harmonies of classic love songs. The smart way Hetty takes these influences and then guides them in another direction on the next stanza or the chorus, and gives the crossover magic, shows her to be truly on her own path. The 2nd track has a 80's pop sound (almost a Pat Benatar passion and sound) but fuses in a delicate folk aura that remains all Hetty’s style. She takes chances with parts and it always works beautifully. Her songs can be sensual and at the same time childlike, and sorrowful in some instances. She is able to give off emotion in her voice the same way Kate Bush does. ‘Lovely Day’ (track 3) has that immaculate Maggie Reilly sound that floats along on air, and just slowly fills your soul up with a relaxed feeling. Track 4 (‘Baby It’s Fine’) has more of that creative chance taking with great vocal acrobatics and rhythm. Her lyrics sink their teeth deep into the open listener. Lastly, the title track ‘The Other Boy’, with a beautiful acoustic guitar and multi harmony vocals, seals the package with one more brilliant composition. This could be another hit for her. Simply h

eavenly and right to the core. With a five song Ep that features all five songs being positively great, how can anyone not love this. While it is not a progressive rock recording, it is a deep, unbelievably great, warm, touching, and habit forming set of tunes from a talent that I’ll follow far into the future. Hetty Lane’s skill and musical ability are undeniable! I can’t wait to hear more songs and a full length CD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for folk-pop lovers and more!!!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on September 4th, 2012


01. Calling Her Name 3:23
02. We Feel The Music 4:02
03. Lovely Day 5:00
04. Baby It’s Fine 3:26
05. The Other Boy 4:01

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