Artist: Heaven's Cry
Title: Primal Power Addiction
Label: DVD Records
Tear of Release: 2002

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The Review:

Combining memorable song writing, vocal harmonies with complex instrumentation is what you'll find on the second release of Canada's Heaven's Cry. I believe that Primal Power Addiction will find very good homes with fan's of Enchant, Rush and Saga without many direct comparisons. In many ways they combine the best of those bands both in the afore mentioned melody and song writting plus their 3 guitar attack more than makes up for the exclusion of keyboards, which is mostly synonymous with prog-metal.

This release took me a while to get used to with it's complex metal but it's becoming more of a welcomed addition to my eclectic collection of progressive music. As a bonus track, they add a bit of a familiarity by doing an amped up version of Midnight Oil's "Beds Are Burning".

Heaven's Cry is another hidden gem of 2002 that really needs to be looked at or rather heard by more people into the progressive genre.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 16th, 2003


1. 2K Awe Tick [4:44]
2. Masterdom's Profit [4:00]
3. A New Paradigm [3:42]
4. Divisions [5:01]
5. A Higher Moral Ground [3:30]
6. Komma [5:07]
7. Remembrance [4:49]
8. One Of Twentyfour [5:35]
9. Waves [4:39]
10. The Inner Stream Remains [5:41]

Bonus Track:

11. Beds Are Burning [4:24]

NOTE: This album is Out Of Print. You can obtain a copy here while supply lasts.

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