Artist/ Band: Frames
Title: Mosiak
Label: SPV
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

A brand new German instrumental post-rock/metal band with elements of modern progressive rock, Frames released their debut in 2010, entitled Mosaik. The band consists of four members, Jonas Meyer (guitar), Manuel Schonfield (keyboards), Tobias Kasten (Bass) and Kiryll Kulakowski (drums). Together they play a semi-aggressive rock/metal by ways of Jonas, Tobias & Kiryll with Manuel adding some wonderful soundscapes thus creating the music heard here on Mosaik.

I found the entire album such a joy to listen to over and over, while retaining a ‘freshness’ about the music. I even hear new things with each of those listens. Some of my personal highlights of Mosaik are, "The Beginning," (4:23) which reminds me a little of what could be an eerie introduction to a Grindhouse style motion picture. Another is, “Agenda“ (4:40) which is a guitar driven monster of at several times during the song. The last one of my personal highlights is "Insomnia" (7:17) which reminds me of Radiohead minus the vocals and in a more symphonic way and towards the end has an Opeth vibe to it. The rest of the album is equally as good, in fact I recommend people listen to the album all the way through to enjoy the beauty that Frames has created for the serious music fan.

In conclusion, while not fully understanding the term ’post-rock’, I can fully appreciate definitely give to fans of post-rock thumbs up. For everyone else, you can expect some repetition in some parts but believe me it doesn‘t take away from the finished product called Mosaik. A strong recommendation is my verdict here.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 5th, 2011


01. Intro (1:36)
02. The Beginning (4:23)
03. Agenda (4:40)
04. Transition (0:58)
05. Isp (6:56)
06. Insomnia (7:17)
07. Driving Head (5:45)
08. Intermission (1:35)
09. Horizon (6:44)
10. Audacity (4:40)
11. M (15:20)

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