Artist/ Band: Fluttr Effect
Title: Marking Time
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Fluttr Effect is comprised of Kara Trott (vocals), Troy Kidwell (guitar), Vessela Stoyanova (MIDI Marimba), Valerie Thompson (electric cello), and J. Marchionna (drums/percussion). Their second album, ‘Marking Time’ (their first with new label 10T Records). shows the band break all the traditional rules of progressive rock, which is much needed. For years progressive rock hasn’t been taken really seriously and I think it’s because for the most part the mentality is stuck in the 70’s while the rest of the music world changed with the times.

Fluttr Effect are part of insurgence of newer bands that are creating their own form of progressive rock by combining more accessible elements without sacrificing integrity. They’re the modern ideal of what bands of the late 60’s, early 70’s were striving for. Just like those bands, Fluttr Effect re-invent, re-tool the music into a fresh new sound. Rather than taking the retro route, Fluttr Effect takes a chance with a unique sound, to my ears, that while still having an accessible sound.

Without pigeon-holing the band, I hear so many influences, both progressive and pop, in their music but the strongest ones are that of Echolyn, and No Doubt. Some songs more than others support this assessment such as ‘Hollywood Is Porn’ (part 1 especially), ’Lucky Glove’ and ‘Don't Know What You're Living For’. Sometimes Kara, has a Tori Amos delivery to her vocals like on the song ’Awake”. Throughout the album, there’s also a slight vocal familiarity to artists like Michelle Young, Emily Bezar and Valerie Gracious (Phideaux).

Fluttr Effect also joins the ranks of the female fronted bands within the progressive rock genre, which has for the most part been male dominated. I would speak of Fluttr Effect along side such female fronted bands like Magenta, Mostly Autumn The Gathering, and a few others. Along with Magenta and White Willow releases in 2006, I would highly recommend getting ’Marking Time’. Not convinced? Go check out their songs on their page at MySpace and hear for yourself!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 24th, 2006


1. Like This - 4:03
2. Talk To Me - 3:51
3. Awake - 3:33
4. Hollywood Is Porn I - 5:49
5. Hollywood Is Porn II - 7:22
6. February 1st, 1896 - 3:39
7. Lucky Glove - 4:33
8. Don't Know What You're Living For - 6:04
9. Venus Loves Hades - 4:02
10. Nowhere - 6:05
11. Marking Time - 10:01
12. Transmission (Dreamy Remix) - 3:49

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