Artist/ Band: Fibonacci Sequence
Title: Numerology
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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Fibonacci Sequence, is an instrumental progressive rock/fusion band from Milwaukee, WI. I had the pleasure of reviewing their first release, a 2 song EP called “We Three Kings”. Now the band has a full length album out called Numerology. With “We Three Kings” he band gave a glimpse into what was to come. Unlike other instrumental bands, Fibonacci Sequence isn’t a collective of soloists, rather a band where everyone contributes. I’ve been listening to Numerology for a number of times and each time I heard something new. Now, to me, that’s where true talent lies.

The album opening, appropriately titled, “Commencement” (2:47) which is in a way an intro to the next track, “Neap Tide” (9:21). I first heard “Neap Tide” on the We Three Kings EP. To label these guys in one particular style would prove that the person wasn’t listening correctly. You have to open your mind and ears to let all of the music flow in. Once you do, it feels like your going on a journey through the various changes. “Neap Tide” has a re-occurring theme that reminds me of bands like Liquid Tension Experiment, Planet X, etc. without becoming overly technical.

“Primrose Path” (6:38) continues the where the previous track left off and added more layers of music and has the most versatile changes. This track tends to be more on the melodic side, which should please your aural senses.

“Dawn” (2:56) is a peaceful dreamy break with the piano and acoustic guitar as the centerpiece that segues into the “Catlord“ (8:55). “Catlord“ is a heavy number that has the band in full throttle even during the quieter parts. It also is on a similar wavelength, structure wise, as “Primrose Path” but different enough that show the band has not only the chops but the instrumentation skills too.

“Illuminati” (0:42) is the shortest piece on the album. There’s a tribal feel to it. It segues into “Work In Progress” (6:54) which starts out as an acoustic piece then morphs back to a more electric sound. This is another one of the more melodic songs on the album.

“Missing Time‘ (8:49) has to be one of the more heavier tracks on the album after about a minute of acoustic intro. The metallic assault continues with the longest track on the album, “Faunus“ (11:17). Just like “Primrose Path” shows the band at it‘s most versatile. This song alone would be the best song to represent Fibonacci Sequence.

Closing off the album is “IO“ (9:13), which starts out in an atmospheric way with some melodic guitar soloing. The rest of the song goes from electric back to acoustic to atmospheric. A perfect piece to end an amazing album.

I would recommend “Numerology” to fans of heavier progressive fusion bands like Planet X, Liquid Tension Experiment and so many others . Once you hear the music, you’ll agree that the band Fibonacci Sequence should be said in the same sentences as the aforementioned bands. This is one of my favorite instrumental albums of 2010 and gets a very strong recommendation from me.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 16th, 2010


01. Commencement
02. Neap Tide
03. Primrose Path
04. Dawn
05. Catlord
06. Illuminati
07. Work In Progress
08. Missing Time
09. Faunus
10. IO

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