Artist/ Band: Falling Edge
Title: Falling Edge
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2013
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The Review:

Falling Edge is an interesting neo-progressive group from Canada with roots dating all the way back to 2004 – but it wasn't till 2007 that the group made a solid commitment to recording a CD of original material. And after another six frustrating years of personnel changes and setbacks that dream finally came to fruition in 2013. The end result is their self-titled release “Falling Edge”.

I've read reviews likening the band to artists like IQ, Grey Lady Down, and a variety of other neo-prog groups … but most reviewers seem to have missed the mark. The vocal style of Chris Rupert puts the band right smack dab in the camp of The Strawbs and vocalist David Cousins. And with the exception of the track “Not That Far Away” which rings of Peter Gabriel and his later period albums – this might well have been a Strawbs albums recorded somewhere between “Grave New World” and “Ghosts”.

So if you're a fan of 70s' era Strawbs, as well as many of the neo-progressive artists you're sure to enjoy this.

“I, Awake” on the other hand is an epic14:20 minute multi-textured piece containing elements of not only Strawbs, but vintage Genesis, ELP, and YES. And is a real highlight of the album.

The musicianship is top notch, and guitarist Chris Rupert displays his fret board gymnastics throughout the recording. On the other hand, his keyboard lead work on tracks like “Crippled By Fear” and “Not That Far Away” is a bit lacking. Tightening up the track and omitting a lot of the extraneous leads during the instrumental section of “Crippled By Fear” could have made the track even more of a stand-out. But the back-and forth hand off of between guitar and keyboard lead went on far too long, overstaying it's welcome after about five minutes. The track contained some smoking lead guitar-work that could have ended the song on a real high note.

But on the whole this is an exceptional album and well worth adding to your collection.

It took a long time coming, and a rocky road to the finish line – but the finished product is something the members can be proud of. A delight for prog rock fans – and a must have for Strawbs aficionados.

The line-up includes: Chris Rupert (guitar, bass, keyboards, lead vocals), Steve Kubica (keyboards), Kevin Tetrault (drums, vocals), and Jim Walsh (bass, vocals).

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on October 28th, 2013


01. Social Engineering (16:30)
02. Crippled By Fear (14:34)
03. Not That Far Away (5:39)
04. Next Time Around (7:48)
05. I, Awake (14:20)

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