Artist/ Band: Esthema
Title: The Hereness and Nowness of Things
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

In order to give you some comparisons to see if this is something you’d like, I always try to give some connection to another band’s style of music. Esthema makes it hard, because their music is so different and unique. They call themselves “World Fusion,” and that makes sense. They are influenced by jazz and progressive, and use acoustic instruments from the Middle East, like oud and bouzouki. If I had to compare them to any recording or band, I would say Yo-Yo Ma’s Soul of the Tango or a prog-classical Gypsy Kings. There are also echoes of King Crimson, California Guitar Trio and especially Azigza.

It begins with “Change of Season,” a light fusion piece reminding of Spyro Gyra or Hiroshima. It sounds like belly dancing music with a moving lyrical violin line throughout. The Gypsy King vibe I was speaking of comes to the forefront on the next cut, “Eastern Dance.” “Arrhythmia” is the song that brings on the tango, with a lovely cello by guest musician Robyn Ryczek.

It’s all very romantic, beautifully rich and melodic. Andy Milas on guitar, Onur Dilisen on violin, Ignacio Long playing bass Tery Lemanis with oud and bouzouki and bringing it all together with percussion, Bruno Esrubilsky. They all play with precision and great emotion. “”Forward Motion” has nice flamenco runs all over it courtesy of Andy, and “On & On” reveals a heretofore hidden electric guitar talent.

The varied instrumentation and eclectic nature of the writing, along with the World Music and ethnic mood, is what puts this recording squarely in the progressive category. If you are willing to venture from the “rock” aspect of progressive rock and listen to something a bit different, this would be something you would find interesting. I’ll bet that these guys would be tremendous live!

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on July 17th, 2010


01. Change of Season (9:28)
02. Eastern Dance (4:35)
03. A Place to Rest (4:08)
04. Arrhythmia (7:44)
05. Forward Motion (5:03)
06. Four Colors (6:48)
07. Illusion of Truth (6:52)
08. On & On (6:48)

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