Artist/ Band: England
Title: Garden Shed: 2005 Special Edition
Label: Garden Shed Music
Year of Release: 1977/ 2005
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The Review:

Much like many progressive rock groups, England showed up at the latter part of the70's and almost went unnoticed up until the 1990's through the resurgence of the genre. Even then most prog fans, like myself, havenít been exposed to it. Iíve only heard of itís legendary status and have always wanted to hear it. My chance came when I received a email from Garden Shed Music and a few weeks later I received the 2005 Special Edition, in a 7" packaging. I immediately had to listen to the CD to hear for myself what the hype was all about. After a few spins I knew what people have been saying about it. I would have to say this is recording should belong upon the other classic 1970's progressive rock bands even though England only released one album to date. The music of England was actually quite pleasant and I heard traces of Genesis and Yes mostly with some hints of Gentle Giant, Camel and even shades of Supertramp.

Garden Shed was originally released in 1977 with 6 songs of which two were over the 10 minute mark ant others were under 7 minutes. On this special edition, thereís a bonus track of one of the longer tracks. This is one of those hidden treasures of the early progressive rock movement that is such a joy to hear and Iím proud to own such a gem. I think this was a very good output and showed signs of what to come. A classic? Iím not sure I can honestly say so but itís very close to one.

The musicianship here is top-notch throughout Garden Shed with songs that are very well written and executed with a sense of familiarity for the listener.. The vocals are superb and make the listening experience even greater! Upon a recent email, I was alerted that the band will be re-releasing a collection of unreleased tracks and studio out takes, Last Of The Jubblies,. So keep an ear out for that one as well. It should prove to be another good listen and a nice look at what was to come.

Itís always a pleasure to get to visit the past thanks in part to todayís technology and the growing interest in progressive rock music in the past 15 years. I would whole heartedly recommend Englandís Garden Shed to all the fans of the afore mentioned bands without sounding derivitive. Get your ASAP and live or relive the past today.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 6th, 2005


1. Midnight Madness
2. All Alone
3. Three Piece Suite
4. Paraffinalea
5. Yellow
6. Poisoned Youth

Extra Track:
7. Three Piece Suite (1976 Olympic Studio Recording)

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