Artist/ Band: Enchant
Title: Live At Last (CD)
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Having the pleasure to see Enchant play the inaugural Cal prog this past July, I found it a treat to have Live At Last. While itís not the same show, it has about the same songs played. Live AT Last is a nice 2 disc live collection of Enchantís music that started back in 1995.

Listening to Live At Last, brings back warm memories of the live Enchant show I witnessed. I can actually imagine the band playing right before my eyes and eyes again when listening to the discs.

Thereís a very nice cross section of their material from Blueprint to their last one, Tug of War. Enchant has a very professional live presence that shows on this live document. I canít wait until they release the DVD version of this concert.

My favorite Enchant songs reside on their debut. The reason is the mix of the instruments were just right. On the latter releases, the guitar seems to have taken them from a neo based prog to a more metallic style. Not that itís bad but I just like the early works better, more melodic for my ears.

For those unaware of Enchantís sound, it can be summoned up as a hybrid of Marillion, Rush and Fates Warning (later material but they have a sound all their own. This is a great start for newbie to Enchant as well as their legions of fans worldwide. This is one of the best live releases Iíve heard in modern times. I highly recommend this release to everyone into melodic, song based progressive rock. All others stay clear and let the fanís of Enchant enjoy!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemebr 16th, 2004


Disc One:
1. Mae Dae
2. At Deathís Door
3. Sinking Sand
4. Under Fire
5. Broken Wave
6. Blindsided
7. Acquaintance
8. Monday
9. Progtology
10. The Thirst
11. Paint the Picture

Disc Two:
1. Under the Sun
2. What to Say
3. My Enemy
4. Follow the Sun
5. Break
6. Seeds of Hate
7. Comatose
8. Black Eyes & Broken Glass (acoustic)
9. Colors Fade (acoustic)
10. Pure
11. Below Zero
12. Oasis

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