Artist/ Band: Echo Us
Title: Echo Us
Label:Absolute Probability
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Here we have another one-man band, this one is based in the electronica side of progressive rock. The band is called Echo Us, and from the website the man behind it, Ethan Matthews, was in a band called Greyhaven. They seem to be on a hiatus or dissolved. I havenít heard them so I wonít comment on the differences between the two bands.

The music on Echo Usí debut is as the aforementioned based in electronica with nods to symphonic progressive music and ambient. The music flows almost like a soundtrack with itís cinematic qualities to the songwritting. The mood is dark and dreamy throughout the album with brooding vocals.

From the several listens, I found that Echo Us does musically what the latest Chroma Key should have done, by making the songs jump out at you not put you to sleep. This is one of those releases that takes several listens to sink in but when it does, you have yourself a keeper. Itís one of the 2004 releases that needs to be heard by more people. Take a chance, you won't regret it!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 8th, 2005


1. My Sirens
2. Dreaming
3. Directed Study
4. Her Heart's Army/ White Wednesday
5. Who Loves You
6. To Save You
7. I Radiate I
8. Black Thursday
9. In The Fall

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