Artist/ Band: Ecentric Orbit
Title: Attack Of The Martians
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

From the opening track to the closing track of Attack of the Martians, Ecentric Orbit takes you on a musical journey of space rock, symphonic and electronic music. The music is Sc-Fi based and performed by Bill Noland on bass, who put some of the heaviest bass tracks down in modern times. Heís joined by his wife Madeleine on something called Wind-controlled synthesizers & keyboards. The other two are Derek Roebuck (who also does keyboards) and drummer & percussionist, Mark Cella.

In the short amount of time as a reviewer, I became weary of self produced CDs because sometimes thereís nothing to be desired musically, almost a cut & paste type job of influences rather than actual compositons. Bill Noland & company proved that to be false, in fact they put out the almost perfect music and with no filler. 45 minutes is a bit short but I'm sure if more was done, the impact wouldn't have been the same.

Iím not up on what types of music inspired this but I do hear some ELP & UK influences. Oh did I say this was an all instrumental release? I canít see or hear it being done with a vocalist, it would just ruin the music.

I would highly recommend you get this CD, itís by far one of the best release of 2004!

Oh and once you get this CD, play it LOUD!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 16th, 2004


1. Star Power
2. Sputnik
3. Attack of the Martians
Part 1: Flying Saucers & Little Green Men
Part 2: The Face of Mars
Part 3: Martians Everywhere!
4. Forbidden Planet
Inspired by the classic 1950's sci-fi film
Part 1: The Arrival (Innocence Lost)
Part 2: The Intruder
Part 3: The Krell
Part 4: The Tempest/ The Departure
5. The Enemy of My Enemy

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