Artist/ Band: Dream Theater
Title: Score
Label: Rhino Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The CD Review:

I have been a fan of Dream Theater’s music ever since buying their first album,‘When Dream And Day Unite’ when it was released in 1989. Years passed and no follow-up, then in 1992 they released ‘Images And Words’, which in my opinion was one of their best simply because it’s the only one of their albums I can sit through uninterrupted. Since then they release many great albums including ‘Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes From A Memory’ and the latest ‘Octavarium’.

In April 2006, to commemorate Dream Theater’s 20th anniversary, they recorded their sold-out performance at Radio City Music Hall for both a double DVD and a triple CD set. For those that witnessed this event, I envy you.. In fact I envy those who seen Dream Theater live But now I can see hear them in all their glory on this amazing live CDs. From what I’ve heard they put on a great show and beef up their songs for a high energy event. They pretty much stick to how the studio tracks are composed with some slight variations here and there.

Dream Theater has joined the ranks of many rock and metal bands that add an orchestra to enhance their music. Some bands have failed to succeed in this marriage of rock and orchestral but Dream Theater scored on this, no pun intended. Disc 1 is the band alone doing 8 songs that spans their 20 year recording career including my new favorite Dream Theater song, ‘The Root of All Evil” the first song ever written by the band “Another Won”. This disc alone is amazing and a great document of their music but they don’t stop, on Disc 2 they do the entire second side of Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence with a beautiful breath taking orchestral intro. Another highlight is on disc 3 where the band does two epics, the title track for Octavarium and Metropolis, Part 1.

If you’re a fan of this band, this live 3-CD set is a must have for your collection. This is also a great starting point for those who haven’t heard the band and are curious to what Dream Theater is all about. I was surprised there wasn’t a deluxe set that combined the CD and DVDs but it doesn’t really matter because both are worth owning! Oh and when you put disc one in, crank it up until the walls rumble for the full effect! Highly, very highly recommended!!!

CD Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2006

The DVD Review:

Over the years, Dream Theater has put out some very good DVDs. It’s only natural for a high-performance band to showcase their remarkable musical abilities in this way. So, just when you think you have seen DT perform at their finest in the comfort of your living room, along comes a complete upgrade that gets you out of your easy chair and closer to the television! Score is their finest DVD to date, hands down.

Rather than making things seem too slick and polished, Score shows a natural perfection of the music and the performers. It’s so lifelike, it’s like watching high-def on an old push-button tv set. You can see the muscles straining in James LaBrie’s throat, the intense concentration in John Myung’s face, and the sweat fly off Mike Portnoy’s head as he bangs those cymbals. It’s as close as you can get without actually being there.

The set-list spans a variety of tunes from their 20-year history, which takes up nearly three hours of viewing, so pop plenty of popcorn and mix up a whole pitcher of margaritas…this is a long DVD, folks, and you will get your money’s worth. While some fans may wonder why their favorite songs were left out, others will revel in hearing great classics like Afterlife and the entire second half of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Score comes in a two-disc set, the first being a full concert filmed at New York ’s Radio City Music Hall in April 2006, and the second being a disc of extras. I especially enjoyed the second disc because of the band history/documentary and the Octovarium cartoon. I will never be able to listen to Octo now without thinking of cute little bugs or Jordan Rudess as a wizard, or Portnoy as an octopus. The second disc also has a few songs from previous filmed concerts.

If you are a die-hard fan, this is a must for your collection because the quality of the filming is so top-notch! If you are new to the band, or just want to check them out, Score is a fine introduction and overview of their musical history.

Dream Theater - Score is sheer delight for both eyes and ears. Get this DVD…you will not be disappointed!

DVD Reviewed by Melissa Palmer on October 17th, 2006

CD Tracks:

Disc 1
1. The Root Of All Evil
2. I Walk Beside You
3. Another Won
4. Afterlife
5. Under A Glass Moon
6. Innocence Faded
7. Raise The Knife
8. The Spirit Carries On

Disc 2
1. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
2. Vacant
3. The Answer Lies Within
4. Sacrificed Sons

Disc 3
1. Octavarium
2. Metropolis

DVD Tracks:

Disc 1:

1. The Root Of All Evil (9:32)
2. I Walk Beside You (4:10)
3. Another Won (5:40)
4. Afterlife (7:28)
5. Under A Glass Moon (7:27)
6. Innocence Faded (6:16)
7. Raise The Knife (11:51)
8. The Spirit Carries On (9:37)
9. Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (41:26)
10. Vacant (3:03)
11. The Answer Lies Within (5:36)
12. Sacrificed Sons (10:36)
13. Octavarium (27:29)
14. Metropolis Pt 1 (11:16)

Disc 2:

  • The Score So Far [20th Anniversary Documentary] (56:23)
  • Octavarium Animation (3:06)

Bonus Tracks:

1. Another Day (4:46)
2. The Great Debate (13:38)
3. Honor Thy Father (9:47)

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