Artist/ Band: Doomraiser
Title: Erasing The Remembrance
Label: Blood Rock Records
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Doomraiser is an Italian doom metal band which it’s second release Erasing The Remembrance rumbles in like a tank. It’s quit obvious that one of their influences is Black Sabbath. In fact, aside from the vocals, this could be a long lost Sabbath album from the 70’s. Another band I hear is Candlemass and the doomier side of Celtic Frost. The vocals reminds me a little of Glenn Danzig during the early part of his self named band “Danzig“.

From the opening track, after the intro, 'Another Black Day Under The Dead Sun', you know what you’re in for, a doom and gloom 10 minute ride of your life. Continuing the assault is 'The Raven', which has a more 80’s sound that Metal Blade was famous for. This song is where the Danzig-like vocals are more prominent.

The gem of this album is the epic 15 minute “Vanitas”. It continues in epic style that only Doomraiser can do. Plus this is one of my favorites of the album. Ending off the album is the multi-part “Rotten River”, the final epic of the album leaves you shaking afterwards.

The combination of the elements of 70’s Sabbath, 80’s Candlemass & Danzig is perfect in my opinion. There’s no new ground covered here but it has that classic doom metal sound that’s often missing in the days of “fast” metal. My hat’s off to Black Widow for Doomraiser and the album “Erasing The Remembrance“. If you like doom and gloom metal then this gem is for you. Great retro metal. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 8th, 2009


01. Pachidermic Ritual (Intro)
02. Another Black Day Under The Dead Sun
03. The Raven
04. C.O.V. (Oblivion)
05. Vanitas
06. Head Of The River (intro)
07. Rotten River

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