Artist/ Band: Djam Karet
Title: No Commercial Potential
Label: 1985, 2002, 2004
Year of Release:

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The Review:

The finely remastered and expanded edition of 1985's OOP cassette only release, No Commercial Potential contains a total of six improvisational jams that expand the already improv style of Djam Karet. Reviewing improvisational material is a very hard thing to review, especially for one that enjoys structured music such as myself. Iím always opened to new musical experiences and you get some of the best instrumental music created to date by this excellent Southern California band.

Iím new to listening to this band (my third review of their music) so my opinion of their music is rather limited in comparison to some reviewers. The music goes from a quiet ambient to almost a wild abandon chaotic bliss which fans of the band come to love and appreciate. With some humor, they labeled the title of the second CD ÖAnd Still Getting The Ladies.

This is an essential CD to any instrumental fanís collection. It shows the bandís talent for going beyond the structured releases theyíre known for. Although Iím not a great fan of improvs, this CD is a definate keeper when in certain moods.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 8th, 2004


Disc One: No Commercial Potential (1985)
1. Where's L. Ron??!!
2. Dwarf Toss
3. Blue Fred

Disc Two: ...And Still Getting The Ladies (2002)
1. The Building
2. The Door
3. The Window

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