Artist/ Band: Distillerie di Malto
Title: Il Manuale dei Piccoli Discorsi
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

Distillerie di Malto is a new band from Italy who's raw complex symphonic brand of progressive rock is a welcome addition to the somewhat over produced sounds that most newer bands exhibit. Their sound harkens back mainly to early 70's ala Genesis, Camel, King Crimson and VdGG but done in an original way, as if they were a part of that scene rather than recreating it. The debut CD has five songs sung in both english and italian, ranging from the almost 6 minute to over 13 minute mark, with the total time under 49 minutes (which is a perfect amount of time for a CD *IMHO*).

The first song, "Allegro con brio", is mainly a building primal raw instrumental piece which has some very haunting english sung lyrics in the conclusion. "Phoebus" is another haunting (the second english sung track) sometimes disturbing track by way of the vocalist's drone-like gloomy style which has a Man-erg feel to it. Might be an interesting track to listen to on the headphones in the dark late at night?!?

The center piece of the CD is a beautifully done instrumental, "Melodia di fine autunno". The guitar playing here is magnificently done, some of the best I've heard in recent times.

The two epics, "Aria e vento" and "5/5/1555" are symphonic sounding similar to Camel (Mirage), especially "5/5/1555" in the guitar playing and intro.

I highly recommend this CD to prog lovers especially those who like to hear melodies done from the heart rather than for recreation sake.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 14th, 2001


1. Allegro con brio [5:56]
2. Phoebus [9:24]
3. Melodia di fine autunno [8:42]
4. Aria e vento [13:24]
5. 5/5/1555 [11:32]

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