Artist/ Band: Days Before Tomorrow
Title: The Sky IS Falling
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

This is uniquely commercial sounding prog pop. It’s very professional in production, featuring the inimitable Ron Nevison (Zeppelin, Starship, Heart, The Who) as the producer. The songwriting is top-notch, with music written by the entire band and lyrics primarily by vocalist Eric Klein and guitarist Scott Kahn.

Opening track “Lighters” features an initial dual guitar lick that made an impression of quality as it led to memorable melodies and stellar harmonies. All members of Days Before Tomorrow sing, so the choruses are peppered with grand and lush harmonies. These are tuneful and singable melodies.

Supplemental keyboardist Jason Buchwald really adds quite a bit to this production. I especially enjoyed his piano solo on “Wasted Years I” and synth leads on “Wasted Years II.” The band has since added David Fibraio to the group. I hope he is as good as Buchwald, as this band needs a quality keyboard player to feature their music in a concert setting.

All of the members of the band turn in quality performances. The two guitar players Derek Davodiwich and the aforementioned Kahn play together brilliantly. The rhythmic foundation of drummer Jason Gianni and bassist Zeek never fail to keep each track moving with precision and grace.

I thoroughly enjoyed unforgettable tracks like “Lighters” and “The Sky Is Falling,” and will be singing them in my head long after this disc is filed amongst my CD collection.

Who does this remind me of? Well, there is a new crop of artists playing in this style. Among them are Cryptic Vision, Little Atlas, Spock’s Beard, and Apple Pie. All good references when considering whether or not this is a CD that will warm your heart.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on Ocyober 31st, 2009


01. Lighters (5:22)
02. Wrong (4:56)
03. Last Song (4:54)
04. Can't Go Back (4:06)
05. Wasted Years I: Confrontation (3:42)
06. Wasted Years II: Sleepwalking (6:38)
07. In The Air (1:03)
08. The Sky Is Falling (5:13)
09. Can't Do Anything (6:00)
10. Survival (4:42)
11. Your Kate (4:46)
12. You're Not The One (5:35)
13. Wasted Years III: The Silence Is Deafening (4:05)
14. Lighters [Reprise] (0:54)

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