Artist/ Band: Days Between Stations
Title: Days Between Stations
Label: Bright Orange
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I was approached via MySpace from a band called Days Between Stations to review their self titled debut which is on the indie label Bright Orange. The music is primarily instrumental with some voices throughout and based in the classic progressive space rock sound. Imagine a mix of Pink Floyd, King Crimson and newer bands like Ozric Tentacles, Oresund Space Collective, and you get a basic idea of what Days Between Stations’ sound is like.

The songs “Requiem for the Living”, "Either/Or" and "Laudanum" (to me) are the highlights of the album. They all show the ban's talent in creating well written and executed progressive based music. The rest of the songs are important but these just stick in my mind. For you space rock fans, the final track is worth the album price alone!

For a debut, Days Between Stations ranks up there with the best of them. I’d go as far to say it could be deemed a modern classic progressive rock album. It’s just a wonderful listen each time. I know this will be on my “favorite releases of 2007”. Mind you this is not retro or neo, just something in between. I highly recommend this to fans of the classic era prog rock and the aforementioned bands.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemeber 17th, 2007


1. Requiem For The Living
2. Either/Or
3. Intermission #1
4. How To Seduce A Ghost
5. Radio Song
6. Intermisson #2
7. Laudanum

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