Artist/ Band: Dawn
Title: Loneliness
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Dawn a new symphonic rock band from Switzerland, release an amazing solid debut album called “Loneliness“. It’s filled with lots of Mellotron and analog keyboards that will appeal to any fan of classic progressive rock like Camel, Eloy, Genesis as well as many more. They’re one of the few newer bands like Beardfish that root their sound in the 70’s without sounding like a novelty act. They actually sound like a well seasoned band despite being new.

Dawn consists of Rene Degoumois (vocals/guitar), Jean-George Linsig (guitars), Julien Vuataz (bass), Nicolas Gerber (Keyboards) and Patrick Dufresne (drums). It appears that they replaced Patrick with Manu Linder (drums).

From the beginning to the end of this album, there is not a flawed song. My favorites are “Rain On The Moon” and the epic “The Story Of Nobody” but as a whole, ‘Loneliness’ is one of the few newer albums that I enjoy listening all the way through especially with headphones. Without a doubt this is highly recommended for a nice look backwards with a forward thinking compositions like the bands afore mentioned.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 13th, 2008


1. Dawn
2. Rain On The Moon
3. The Brook
4. Loneliness
5. The Story Of Nobody
6. Dusk

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