Artist/ Band: Daemonia
Title: Live... Or Dead
Label: Deep Red
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

Daemonia is a brand new Italian instrumental progressive rock band from legendary keyboardist Claudio Simonetti (formerly of Goblin fame) who has surrounded himself with young musicians which gives a more updated sound.

Starting off "Live... or Dead" are some fresh pumping studio renditions of both the Halloween and The Exorcist (Tubular Bells) themes. The rest of the songs are a wonderful heartfelt tribute to the great Italian horror director Dario Argento, of which Claudio's former band Goblin provided such classic progressive rock tracks featured in "Profundo Rosso", "Suspiria" & "Inferno". Upon listening to this album, brought back memories of those classic Argento films (of which I always enjoyed) and it was amazing to hear the updated versions.

Well with all this praise I guess it's needless to say that I really like this cd. There's so much excellent music on this album, and those at Progwest are in for a treat indeed! Please support great music and BUY this CD ASAP!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on September 15th, 2002


Studio versions:
1. Halloween [4:25]
2. Tubular Bells [2:40]

Live versions:
3. L'alba dei morti viventi [5:00]
4. Demon [5:19]
5. Inferno [1:44]
6. Mater Tenebrarum [3:17]
7. Opera [4:16]
8. Intro Suspiria [1:33]
9. Suspiria [5:02]
10. Phenomena [5:08]
11. La sindrome di Stendhal [5:31]
12. Tenebre [5:52]
13. School at Night [0:49]
14. Mad Puppet [3:25]
15. Intro Profondo Rosso [0:46]
16. Profondo Rosso [5:18]
17. Suspiri e sospri [4:42]

Studio version:
18. Gamma (Bonus track) [4:03]

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