Artist/ Band: Credo
Title: This Is What We Do: Live In Poland (DVD)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Back in the first half of the 1990’s I was first introduced to Credo and their first album, Field Of Vision (1994). They didn’t do a follow-up until 2005, Rhetoric, which was widely accepted by some progressive rock fans. I honestly haven’t heard that album, but with watching them in a live setting here on their first live release will change that situation. The line-up seen is the same from the Rhetoric - Mark Colton (vocals), Mike Varty (keyboards), Tim Birrell (guitars), Jim Murdoch (bass) and Martin Meads (drums).

The title of this release is, This Is What We Do: Live In Poland” and it was recorded at the Teatr Slaski in Katowice, Poland on October 13th 2008. They support act for Pendragon that night. Katowice appears to be THE place for new(er) bands to play these days. Metal Mind Productions is THE label that produces amazing DVD‘s that can rival the major labels, and surpasses in many ways.

This DVD renewed my interest in the band, with the way the band sounds. For those nit-pickers, Credo is from the second wave of neo progressive rock. While not entirely original (what band is these days), they come across quite professional and enjoyable to watch. The DVD allows persons such as myself to see the band in a live setting. Poland is just a little too far for me to travel and on the expensive side. So a document like this, will suffice.

Credo, to me, takes the best elements of 80’s neo prog and updates it, first for the 90’s and secondly for today. They play music their way as the title “This Is What We Do” states so perfectly. They play a melodic side of the genre which makes it easier to distinguish sounds the musicians make. The vocals remind me of two people, Fish mostly on the newer material and Geoff Mann on the older material. Musically, they remind me of various UK prog bands of the 80’s, most notably Pallas and Pendragon. Of the DVDs I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, this one stands out. Not to sound cliché, but it will be returning many times to my player.

I don’t have a favorite track as the entire set has amazing songs but if I had to choose, it would be “Skin Trade”, “Seems Like Yesterday”, the new song, “Round And Round” (working title) and “A Kindness“. In my humble opinion, “A Kindness” is on par with classics like IQ’s “The Enemy Smacks“, Pallas’ “The Ripper” and Twelfth Night’s “Creepshow”. From the bonus material, I enjoyed the recordings from 1992, especially “Sweet Scarlet Whisper”. This DVD has prompted me to seek out Credo’s studio albums. Sadly I have misplaced Field Of Vision in the late 90’s.

If you’re a fan of melodic neo progressive, especially any of the bands I mentioned, then this is a must have release. You have a choice of two versions, DVD only (this is the version I received to review) and a limited edition with 2CDs from the same set.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 29th, 2009


01. The Game 12:11
02. Turn the Gun Around 7:24
03. Skin Trade 7:40
04. Seems Like Yesterday 6:15
05. Field of Vision: Medley 13:33
06. Round & Round 12:16
07. Too Late 6:47
08. To Say Goodbye 5:07
09. A Kindness 7:48
10. The Letter 9:47
11. From The Cradle 6:21
12. To The Grave 12:13

Bonus material:

  • Credo behind the scene
  • From the Cradle (Live video, 1999)
  • The Letter (Live video, excerpt 1999)
  • Too Late to Say Goodbye (Live video, 2006)
  • Chequered Past: First Statement (audio only, 1992)
  • A Kindness (audio only, live 1998)
  • Interview with Mike Varty and Mike Colton
  • Band Members profiles
  • Photo Gallery

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