Artist/ Band: Coda
Title: Sounds Of Passion (21st Anniversary Edition)
Label: Pseudonym Records
Year of Release: 1986/ 2007
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The Review:

In 1986, Sounds Of Passion, the debut album of Dutch band Coda was released. It was re-issued in 1991 on the now defunct SI label and now, 21 years later, in The 21st Anniversary 2CD Edition with a lot of extras including demos and singles. On Sounds Of Passion band leader, Erik de Vroomen was accompanied by Jack Witjes (guitar & vocals), Jacky van Tongeren (bass & backing vocals) and Mark Eshuis (drums).

The majority of the album was taken up by the 29 minute (nearly all instrumental) title track that consisted of a prologue (which contained some badly pronounced English spoken word, which is the only down side) and four movements. It’s a beautiful mix of classical and rock, done in the way the progressive rock bands of the 70’s even though there is a strong 80’s feel (mostly production).

The other tracks of the album are shorter pieces that are more pop oriented and quite catchy, Crazy Fool and Dreamer and Defended. There's a single remix of the Crazy Fool and Dreamer included as a bonus track along with single edits from parts 4 and 3 of Sounds of Passion, as well as “Central Station” and “Reverberating Sounds“.

The second CD contains demos the title track of Sounds of Passion from 1983, which was recorded under the name of Sequoia. Also demos of Crazy Fool and Dreamer, Defended and Reverberating Sounds plus four songs that would be part of the second Coda album What a Symphony from 1996. I have yet to hear this to make comparisons.

If you enjoy bands like Camel, Alan Parsons Project, IQ, Casino (Geoff Mann), Strangers On A Train (Clive Nolan) or similar bands, you’ll need to add Coda’s Sounds Of Passion, as it will be a very recommended addition to your collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 19th, 2008


Chapter 1 - Sounds Of Passion: The Album
1. Sounds Of Passion 29.14
a. Prologue (2.17)
b. 1st movement (7.12)
c. 2nd movement (4.07)
d. 3rd movement (5.37)
e. 4th movement - final (9.59)
2. Crazy Fool And Dreamer 4.25 - Album Version
3. Defended 7.07

Bonus Tracks

4. Sounds Of Passion 4th 4.43 - Single Version
5. Sounds Of Passion 3rd 2.28 - Single Version
6. Crazy Fool And Dreamer 4.24 - Single Remix
7. Central Station 2.06
8. Reverberating Sounds 4.03

Chapter 2 - Sounds Of Passion: The Demos

1. Sounds Of Passion 31.25 Demo Version
a. Prologue (3.07)
b. 1st movement (7.33)
c. 2nd movement (4.06)
d. 3rd movement (6.53)
e. 4th movement (9.43)
2. Nevermore (The Proud Tower I) 4.25 - Demo Version
3. Dance In The Mirror (Defended) 6.53 - Demo Version
4. True Melody (The Proud Tower II) 3.19 - Demo Version
5. Crazy Fool And Dreamer 4.31 - Demo Version
6. What A Symphony (Part 1) 4.48 - Demo Version
7. What A Symphony (Part 2) 5.16 - Demo Version
8. Reverberating Sounds 2.52 - Demo Version

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