Artist/ Band: Claire Vezina
Title: Cyber Neptune
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

In October 2008, French-Canadian Claire Vezina released her fourth album (first on the Unicorn Digital records label) entitled Cyber Neptune. On the album, besides vocals which are in French, Claire handles all keyboard parts. There are other musicians (see her website link above) that help her out but I will concentrate on Claire for the time being. Claire reminds me of artists such as Bjork (at times), Emily Bezar, Kate Bush and Tori Amos In fact I feel that she should stand side by side with them as very talented artists.

From the opening title track to it’s the closing sequel, you get a very atmospheric art-rock album that is captivating almost immediately. She mixes pop and prog elements together perfectly (to my ears). Fans of the afore mentioned artists really should add this album to their cd collection ASAP! Yes, she’s that good folks!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 24th, 2009


01. Cyber Neptune
02. Meluzine
03. Naufrage
04. Il Pleut sur la Ville
05. Jeanne
06. Dans ton Monde Cyber
07. 11h52
08. Soleil
09. Les Soldats
10. De l’Ouest, une Brise Souffle
11. Tant de Guerres
12. Cyber Neptune II

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