Artist/ Band: Circle Of Bards
Title: Tales
Label: Electrum Production
Year of Release: 2010
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Circle of Bards was founded in 2008 by vocalist and composer, Mariusz Migalka. Originally it was conceived as a side project that focused on acoustic Celtic ballads, inspired by fantasy and days of old when medieval knights and dragons were sung about all the time. This subject matter was inspiration for some of the 70’s progressive rock bands.

In March 2009 Circle of Bards made their live debut. Then in December of that year they were signed to a new label called Electrum Productions, which resulted in a self titled debut that was released in 2010.

Circle Of Bards is a short album (33:54) and is well spent time in hearing it. The time goes by rather quickly and some of my favorites on the album are “Scarlet Moon” (3:54), “Our Own Land” (3:39), “Bridges We Shall Pass” (5:10), and the title track (4:30). All tell fantastic stories through the lyrics.

If you like bands like Blackmore’s Night, the folkier side of Jethro Tull and Celtic music in general, you will have to add Circle Of Bards to your collection. The downside I found is that the songs had a similar sound and if I feel for future releases, they might need to add a small electric presence without sounding too different. I do look forward to hearing what’s next for Circle Of Bards. I would recommend this for fans of the afore mentioned bands and those that want something mellower to counter the heavier sound bands out there today.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 24th, 2010


01. Welcome
02. My Magic Song
03. Scarlet Moon
04. Fighting The Dragons
05. Our Own Land
06. Czame Smoki
07. Bridges We Shall Pass
08. Teczowy Most
09. When The Bard Sings
10. Circle Of Bards
11. Farewell

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