Artist: Chrome Shift
Title: Ripples In Time
Label: DVS Records
Year of Release: 2003

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1. Nightmachine
2. Full Moon
3. In My Own Dream
4. Shadowsong
5. Through
6. Kosmonauten Er Dod
7. Les Temps Des Assassin
8. Sorry
9-12. Ripples in Time

The Review:

Chrome Shift is a progressive metal band from Denmark that that wears it's influences on their sleeves by drawing inspiration from bands such as Ayreon, Pain Of Salvation and Dream Theater. Even some slight hints of King's X or Enchant can be found in the music of Chrome Shift. Their music is somewhat original sounding and the bands afore mentioned are only guides to how categorize Chrome Shift.

Ripples In Time, has some personal highlights are with the opening symphonic metal song "Nightmachine". This song contains some excellent keyboard playing ala Jordan Rudess. Next highlight is on the beautiful laid-back ballad "Through". Here the lead singer Rasmus sounds very much like a cross between Damian Wilson and Daniel Gildenlow. Rounding off this amazing debut is the epic title track "Ripples In Time", which takes you on a "beyond your imagination" musical journey.

It's safe to say that the prog-metal scene is growing away from the endless Dream Theater clones that plagued the scene in the late 90's.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 28th, 2003

Note: This album is Out Of Print. You may be able to find some here while supplies last.

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