Artist/ Band: Channelwood
Title: The Unyielding Nothingness
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
Offical Artist/ Band Link

The Review:

Channelwood is the moniker that multi-instrumentalist Kevin Bailey goes under. There isn’t much info, that I could find, on Kevin other than what’s on the Channelwood MySpace page. Hailing from Connecticut, he lists the music as experimental, metal, & other. What I hear is a mixture of styles ranging from Opeth to Goblin. Primarily an instrumental album, there are some “evil” sounding voice effects on the multi-part track, “Nothingness”, as well as some “death metal” vocals (not too much for you cookie-monsterphobics) on the epic closing track “Apophis” (16:19).

I hope someone can finance any future endeavors of Channelwood, because the progressive music community needs to hear this music. I also think that Channelwood could orchestrate any independent horror movie. Until then the tracks on this “album” are available on I-tunes. I would highly recommend an investigation into the world of Channelwood as soon as possible!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 7th, 2011


01. Somebody Died Here (2:45)
02. Nothingness, Part I (5:39)
03. Nothingness, Part II (4:53)
04. Nothingness, Part III (7:24)
05. Nothingness, Part IV (4:24)
06. Apophis (16:19)

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