Artist/ Band: Chaneton
Title: The First Light Of The Century
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

"The First Light of the Century" is the second full-length album by the Argentinean quintet CHANETON led by the musician of the same name. Their recording debut was 2000's "Questions Inside the Picture". The band plays a solid Neo-prog style that evokes early Marillion but with some modern prog instrumentation. I must admit, this is a tired genre but Chaneton brings forth a ďoriginalityĒ if you will to this genre. By that I mean they stay true to the style without becoming a clone. While theyíre music isnít really original by the modern progressive community it does hold itís own with Marillionís early years and itís good for those that have a strong love for that period.

I really enjoyed the instrumentation the best, plus the vocals are good but nothing fantastic. Luckily they donít drown out the music. Great guitar work by Chaneton and the keyboards are equally amazing. This is some solid Neo prog with a hard edge. Iíve been tainted by some really derivative music over the years but Chaneton is one of the better of the Neo prog genre. I can say Neo-prog fans will undoubtably eat this up. This is solely recommended to fans of the afore mentioned Marillion as well as new bands such as The Watch.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 16th, 2004


1. The first Lights of the Century (9:18)
2. Faces Melting in your Hands (6:20)
3. Infinite Line (6:35)
4. Across the sea (8:33)
a) Nine Steps from Here
b) Nine Steps from There
c) Spanish Knight
5. Black mountain (8:52)
6. Six Flowers in the Room (3:57)
7. On the Edge (4:53)
8. The Man in Grey (6:02)
9. Apocalypse Seller (7:23)
10. Lost Prophecy (12:55)

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