Artist/ Band: Centrozoon
Title: The Cult of: Bibbiboo
Label: Burning Shed
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

"The Cult of: Bibbiboo", is Centrozoon's 3rd (according to their website thier most ambitious and experimental) album to date.

The music contained in the album is basically progressive ambient music, which should be especially appealing to those listeners that are into the "Soundscapes" ala Robert Fripp, combined with some melodic modern techno beats.

Plus for those interested, the cd package is beautifully done in a "digi-pac" format complete with surreal sleeve notes from King Crimson biographer Sid Smith.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on November 25th, 2002


1. The Golden Lamb (part 1-3) [13:25]
2. Healing the Land [8:54]
3. All the Time It's Using Us [7:20]
4. The Cult of: Bibbiboo [20:32]
5. Deliverance/The Devine Beast [10:02]
6. Thiusgg [16:45]

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