Artist/ Band: Carl Hupp Project
Title: Hyper Statue
Label: Long Point Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

One of the great benefits of reviewing CDs is I get to hear music that I ether normally wouldn’t listen to or would never have known existed, like in this case with Hyper Statue by the Carl Hupp Project. The Carl Hupp Project is headed up by , well you guessed it drummer extraordinaire Carl Hupp. Hyper Statue is an amazing collection of instrumental music based somewhere in between progressive and jazz with splashes of Latin rhythms and symphonic rock.

Joining Carl are an amazing bunch of musicians, such as Tony Levin on Chapman Stick and Stanley Whitaker from Happy The Man on guitar. Together with the other musicians (too numerous to name) who assisted Carl in this project are very talented in their own right.

One of the amazing things now-a-days with technology, is bands can document their records on various formats and to accompany the Hyper Statue cd, Carl has a great behind-the-scenes DVD that, in my opinion, brings you (the listener) closer to the musicians and how they create their music.

After doing a bit of research online, listeners will be pleased to know that Carl has included his renditions of Bill Brufords, “Five G” and Billy Cobham’s “Quadrant 4”. Unfortunately I can’t compare these to the originals because I haven’t heard them. I will fix that in the near future!

I’d recommended this CD to fans of instrumental music as well as progressive rock, jazz, fusion and blues.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 19th, 2005


1. Red Light Syndrome
2. Hyper Statue
3. Revenge of The Chair People
4. Skeleton Crew
5. Five G
6. Riff Raff
7. Seven For Seven
8. The Better Angels of Our Nature
9. Paper Or Plastic?
10. Air-Ride Suspensions
11. Black Tie Affair
12. Quadrant 4
13. Mind Sweeper, part II
14. Tagged & Enveloped

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