Artist/ Band: blld
Title: Materia Prima
Label: Squatter Madras
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Blld is a British duo made up of Markus Reuter and 05ric (Ric Byer), and with their debut EP Materia Prima, they explore the soundscape-era of King Crimson. With this they seem to take the exploring further than what Robert Fripp has done in the past decade as King Crimson and a solo artist. Not to say they’re better, just more refined plus since there probably won’t be any output from Crimso in the near future. Simply put, blld fills the void.

Materia Prima is an EP of possibly glimpse into a promising future for the duo. The vocals are quite subdued which allows for the music to be the main focal point. Markus Reutter’s projects from Centrozoon to Tuner, he always is the musical explorer which is a rare thing these days. I’m not too familiar with 05ric (Ric Byer) but he seems to be on par with Markus. This band and album are for fans of the afore mentioned King Crimson and fans of the duo’s work. This is something worth investigating for the adventurous listener.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 6th, 2010


01. identify
02. OHM
03. transition
04. despair
05. reverence
06. alter
07. resolve

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