Artist/ Band: Ben Averch
Title: Fortune Cookie
Label: Automatic Earth
Year of Release: 2010
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Who is the band? What is their history? What motivates them?

“Seattle singer/songwriter Ben Averch may sound like a band at times, but he's definitely a lone warrior.” “On his latest album, Averch cranks the noise level higher than it's ever been -- and every thump and crackle is the offspring of his fingers.” “Averch is a one-man army, one who doesn't subscribe to the water-cooler blandness of his acoustic-pop brethren.” “While many male solo artists are veering toward the folk route, Averch lets rip his Guitar Hero.” “The result is a sound that combines the slick Modern Rock of the '80s with the ominous fuzz of '90s Alternative Nation” (Source, 2010).


Love Me Anyway – Acoustic guitar before smashing drums and electric join in. “It’s not the sun that’s setting.”It’s just that you are spinning away.” You swear you are hearing a full band in full stomp, but this really is a one man show. Ripping guitars and drums that just smash along the sound shore. Ben has kind of a young Tom Petty sound to his voice, only deeper. That is as close to any major artists that I can pin that vocal sound. Those grinding and soaring lead guitar riffs are amazing. The music is not Tom Petty, just the voice. This is mainstream rock, not Southern. Great electric opener.

You Know I Need You – Slower delivery of drums and guitar. “There is only one thing that you need to know.” “I need you with me wherever I go.” Vocals driven song with good drums, bass and guitar. Amazing how much this sounds like one solid band. There is a cool blistering guitar solo in the middle of this that helps lift the power of this song.

It’s Getting Away from Me – Solid drumming and guitar. A pop song, lyrical and vocals driven. “The vision that I know we can see.”

The Hook – Drums and vocals, highlighted by lead guitar. There is another great guitar solo on this song.

Valley of Your Heart – “Was a long time coming.” “But you finally told me how it feels to be left alone with no fault of your own.” A good vocals driven song supported with drums and guitar. This time there is allot more guitar experimentation. A good solid rocker. The acoustic towards the end provides a nice deviation from the pop rhythm.

The World Fictive – “We all have to live in a world where all you have is what you give.” Solid guitar and drums. The guitar solos bring back memories of some of the Police’s work on Synchronicity.

To Be Real – Brilliant acoustic opens this one. Then drums sound like someone is right in back of Ben.

Moment of Peace – Heavy guitars separate this one from the rest of the album. The synth sounds and blistering guitar solos are a wonderful change.

One and the Same – More acoustic. “Is there space around your heart?” “It’s been too long.” A good solid rocker.

You Won’t be Owing Me – Heavy drums and guitar open this thumping power song. “I’ll sit right here and write a song just for you.” Good acoustic guitar work here.

Landfall – Acoustic opening to the best song on the album. Great drum support and then the lead electric plows through the soundscape. There is a Rush kinda guitar sound in here with solid drums and bass support.

Something to Revolve Around – Drums and acoustic open this one. “Finally I see the love that was meant for me.” “I know where I want to be.” “Somewhere from my memory.” Another of the best songs on the album. Strong message in the lyrics.

Rating: 8/10 – This is a good album that provides this one man band with an excellent showcase for his talents. To play all of these instruments so well, write all of the interesting lyrics and sing the entire album is quite an accomplishment in itself. Each instrument on this album is well played, and then you remember this is a one man show. Putting all of this together must have been time consuming. We get to sit back and enjoy the show.

Reviewed by Prof on July 2nd, 2010


01. Love Me Anyway
02. You Know I Need You
03. It's Getting Away From Me
04. The Hook
05. Valley of Your Heart
06. The World Fictive
07. To Be Real
08. Moment of Peace
09. One and the Same
10. Ladfall
11. Something to Revolve Around

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