Artist/ Band: Behind The Sun
Title: Behind The Sun
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Behind The Sun are an Israeli alternative/ progressive rock/ metal band that was formed in 2005 by Dan Levy (Bass), Aaron Liebner (Guitars, vocals), Gad Erez (Lead vocals) and Saar Gur (Drums). Since their formation, the line-up was expanded to include a second guitarist, Yoram Allouche. In June 2009, they released a self titled debut. I was sent a copy by the band to review. Iíve been in contact with Gad, on Facebook, letting him know the status of my review.

After several listens, I still canít pin-point their influences as they are one of the more unique sounding bands to emerge since the new millennium started. However I would speak about them in the same sentence as Opeth, Soundgarden and to a lesser degree, Danzig (mostly in the deeper sounding vocal parts). Even though thereís no synths or keyboards, the band is as progressive sounding as any other prog band today.

I donít have a favorite track or highlight because I find myself wanting to finish the album and in many cases, play it again. Each time I find new sounds jumping out at me. The average length of the songs is about 6 minutes with one song peaking past the 8 minute marker. The band doesnít feel the need to produce a bloated album, in fact this album is a perfect length, in my opinion.

I canít wait to hear what Behind The Sun has in store for the progressive music world next. I can only imaging a bright future where progressive music is accepted. Since this is the beginning of the bandĎs ďcareersĒ, only the best is on the horizon for these 5 guys from Israel. Samples can be found primarily on the bandís MySpace page for those that are curious about the bandís sound. I feel that once you hear them, youíll want their debut album ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 19th, 2011


01. Second December
02. Wishful Thinking
03. Nothing But A Stain
04. Prelude
05. Still
06. Running Water
07. Fifteenth Dawn
08. Professionals
09. Sour Days
10. October '77
11. Brother
12. Strong Wind

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