Artist/ Band: Ava Inferi
Title: Onyx
Label: Season Of Mist
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

Ava Inferi is a gothic metal band that borders on the progressive side of the spectrum. I first found out about the band on a site called When I saw that they were about to release their fourth album, Onyx in 2011, I had to investigate this band further. It’s origin is in Portugal with a Norwegian guitar player, Rune Eriksen, and a female singer, Carmen Susana Simoes, that is possible about the best of the genre, in my opinion. Joining them are Joao Samora (drums), Andre Sobral (guitar) and Joana Messias (bass).

As previously mentioned, Ava Inferi released their fourth album, Onyx in 2011. The music has the basic elements of a gothic metal band and then some. I found them to be both original and refreshing. My investigation of the band lead me to an actual purchase to replace the digital copy (of which I don’t care for) that the band’s label sent me. Part of my journey into the band, Ava Inferi, was the acquisition of two other releases, The Silhouette (2007) and Blood Of Bacchus (2009), which were sent to me by a very good friend, who is also a major fan.

Everything on this album oozes on the epic side. They don’t hold back, not even in the quietest moments. From the opening majestic title track, “Onyx” (3:49), you know that you’re in for a magical aural adventure.

Some of my favorites besides the opening song are “Ghostlights” (6:47) with it’s eerie spoken word intro, you find yourself immersed into the world of a hauntingly beautiful powerful music. Carmen’s vocals are Siren-like, as voice draws you into the music.

Another favorite is “This Heathen Island” (9:19) is the longest most epic track on the album. This too, opens with some spoken word which sends chills down my spine. I’m not sure the subject matter, though I think it’s about the persecution of people not following the chosen path (whatever that may be).

Finally the last favorite track of the album has to be, “Fog In Venice” (5:59) which happens to close the album just perfectly. It’s very atmospheric song continues in the epic side of the spectrum.

As I investigated this band, I found that they were the real deal and can be mentioned along side ReVamp, Epica, Leaves’ Eyes and similar acts. If that tickles your fancy them you must investigate this band deeper. A perfect starting point is this album, then you can acquire the rest of the catalog (as I’m doing). It has everything a fan of the gothic metal genre could want in an album. Highly recommended is just the easiest conclusion I can offer.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 25th, 2011


01. Onyx
02. The Living End
03. A Portal
04. ((Ghostlights))
05. Majesty
06. The Heathen Island
07. By Candlelight & Mirrors
08. Venice In Fog

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