Artist/ Band: Aurora Lunare
Title: Evasione di un'Idea
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

MauroPini, vocalist of Aurora Lunare provided me with the CD "Evasione di un'Idea" for review, a edited compilation containing the original tracks remastered (unfortunately) without the use of proper instruments according to the band. The band are planning the remix and remastering of all tracks recorded ten years ago with professional instruments and, if possible, produce a new CD, more on that on their website. This Italian band is firmly rooted in the neo-prog genre with it's simplistic song based melodies and usage of electronic drums. To me they are right up there with IQ, Marillion & Twelfth Night.

There are three periods that this band highlights on this cd compilation; 1980, 1981-83 & 1986-1991, with most of the tracks poorly recorded in a home studio. Aside from a very dated sound, the band shows off a most enjoyable neo-prog, symphonic sound without going the "clone" route that others have gone.

Two stand-out tracks are the title track "Evasione di un'Idea" which from the 86-91 era and the live 1983 recording of "Il Paradiso delgi Scicchi" are the highlights of this compilation that contains a very nice blend of neo & sympho. In a way they remind me of Cast, of Mexico *IMHO*.

This band, though they been around for many years, shows promise and might be a band to look out for in the near future.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 24th, 2001


1. Eroi Invincibii...
son solo i Pensieri(live) [5:24]
2. Secondo Dubbio [3:31]
3. Evasione di un'Idea [7:41]
4. Fabbriche di Anoressia [4:26]
5. Sorgenti d'Energia [5:43]
6. Il Paradiso delgi Scicchi (live) [7:22]
7. Corsi e Ricorsi [5:26]
8. Strane Magie [4:03]
9. Novelle di Citta [6:28]
10. Sogni di un Viandante [4:37]
11. Tracce d'Indifferenza [3:16]

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