Artist/ Band: Asia
Title: Silent Nation
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004
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Asia, is one of those bands that either you love or hate. Born out of classic progressive rock, Asia captured the AOR world by storm back in 1983 with itís classic line-up. Most thought it wasnít progressive rock due to the legacy of the members. I knew from the beginning that Asia was and still is a rock band, nothing more, nothing less. I lost track of Asia in 1990 after their first greatest hits CD. I knew they were still around but I wasnít that interested in the band since the classic line-up was reduced to one. I heard mixed feelings about Asia from 1990 onward so I never had the thought of pursuing their music.

I was surprised to hear that they finally secured a solid line-up after many years of revolving musicians. I Was pleasantly surprised to get a promo of their debut on InsideOut Music. While their music isnít progressive nor heavy metal, I found that InsideOut Music will be a good home for the band. Musically theyíre a band that never really evolved out of the basic rock sound they started out with back in 1983. In fact, I think theyíre stuck back there. Some fans of their early work will be happy with Silent Nation. I personally, am not. Itís not good or bad. Itís just formulated rock music that wore out itís welcome when the grunge movement invaded the airwaves. I guess for those that long for the days before grunge, Asiaís Silent Nation returns to a simpler time.

Silent Nation comes as a regular edition and a special edition with a bonus DVD of the making of the album. This isnít the best release of 2004 but certainly not the worst. Proceed with caution

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 8th, 2004


01. What About Love
02. Long Way From Home
03. Midnight
04. Blue Moon Monday
05. Silent Nation
06. Ghost in the Mirror
07. Gone Too Far
08. I Will Be There For You
09. Darkness Day
10. The Prophet

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