Artist/ Band: Ashes To Ashes
Title: Cardinal VII
Label: DVS Records
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

With the Scandinavian metal scene is growing as of late, it's latest entry is that of a Norwegian band called, Ashes To Ashes is sure to please, with nods to "prog-metal" and "gothic metal". On their second CD to date, Cardinal VII (first with prog-metal label, DVS Records), the band fuses various styles and emotions of heavy metal without going the route of bands past and present. The band gives a good description of the combinations of these styles by calling their music "Gregorian Metal".

Both fans of gothic & heavy metal especially those that love Black Sabbath and (early) Metallica will be very pleased with this release by showing some speed and neo-classical based metal riffs. Lead vocalist, Kenneth Brastad, provides the voice for the band, leading the listener through some aggressive yet brooding lyrical passages. He has a distinctive voice that thankfully doesn't go the way of those annoying operatic vocal acrobats to get the lyrics across plagues in the metal scene.

The rest of the band is in tune providing the musical intrumentation, Michael Stenburg (guitar); Bjorn Luna (bass); Ronny Kaasa (drums) provides some great playing. Plus an amazing amount unaccredited keyboards and strings make this a highly recommended to those that love their music on the heavy side!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 16th, 2003


01. New World Obscure [3:55]
02. Embraced In Black [5:40]
03. Among Mortals [3:49]
04. Truth On Scaffold [6:59]
05. Iben [1:00]
06. Dualism [6:17]
07. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi [13:32]
08. Ravenous Unleashed [2:20]
09. Behind Closed Eyes [4:53]
10. Cardinal VII [8:31]
11. Iben II [1:58]

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