Artist/ Band: Anthropia
Title: The Chain Reaction
Label: Adarca Records
Year of Release: 2009
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Anthropia is a French progressive metal band which was conceived by Hugues Lefebvre (guitars/ vocals/ composer). The 2006 debut album 'The Ereyn Chronicles Part One' received a favorable review by a former staff member here at ProgNaut. It was released on the (in)famous Magna Carta label. About three years have passed since the debut. Rather than putting out a second part to The Ereyn Chronicles, so he decided to do another concept album and the result is the 2009 release called The Chain Reaction.

The story is a science fiction story with some biblical elements. I found the overall concept is not preachy, just within the contents of a good storyline. Looking at the review of The Ereyn Chronicles, I can see the natural progression from a debut to a second album. While the progressive metal genre hasn’t been as innovative lately, save a few bands that astonish the fans like Pain Of Salvation and Opeth. I would add Anthropia’s The Chain Reaction amongst them.

As I surf the net, I don’t see much mentioning of Anthropia. They truly deserve more press than they‘re getting now. Hopefully that will change soon with this new album., which will change anyone jaded of the genre for the better. If I were to compare Anthropia to any other band, it would be the Italian progressive metal band Dynamic Lights’s debut Shapes or any one of Hugo Flores’ bands (Sonic Pulsar, Project Creation or Factory Of Dreams) . On the foundation all of these have similar elements but that where it ends. If you’re a fan of the aforementioned bands or progressive metal in general then Anthropia’s The Chain Reaction gets a recommended release of 2009.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 15th, 2009


01. Incarnation (Prologue)
02. A New Self
03. Whipping Soul
04. The Torn Off Wing of the Butterfly
05. Take Me Home
06. The Night at the Opera
07. The Altar of Trust
08. Those Days Are Always Rainy
09. Trinity (The New Consensus)
10. The Tree of Life
11. Breeze in the Leaves (Epilogue)

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