Artist/ Band: Anima Mundi
Title: The Way
Label: Musea Records
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Cuban progressive rock band, Anima Mundi have released their 3rd album in 2010 entitled The Way. The band consists of Carlos Sosa (vocals), Robert Diaz (lead guitar, vocals), Virginia Peraza (keyboards), Yaroski Corredera (bass) and Manuel Govin (drums). Musically they’re within the symphonic progressive rock genre.

The Way is comprised of 4 long tracks and EPIC doesn’t begin to describe them. Anima Mundi’s take on progressive rock in in the Anglo style, there’s no hint of them being Cuban. To my ears this band has roots in both British and American progressive rock. Names that come to mind are Kansas, Yes, Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic and similar acts. I honestly would have liked to have heard music of their native country mixed in. Maybe next album. Since I don’t have a favorite track, I’d say this is one of those albums best heard in one sitting.

Opening up this amazing flawless album is a song entitled “Time To Understand” (13:59). What a way to start out an album with all pistons burning, and within a flash the song is over. It has lots of memorable moments through and it has an identity all of their own, despite it’s roots I mentioned previously.

The main piece of the album is “Spring Knocks On The Door Of Men” (26:33) and it alone is worth the cost of admission alone. It has elements of Yes’ epics of the 70’s and modernizes them. The bass guitar is very prominent throughout this song. I think it would make Chris Squire very proud to have influenced Yaroski. If there was ever a flawless progressive rock song, then this will be a part of the ever-growing list. I found myself many times hitting the repeat of this song, which is a very good sign. Plus this is by far one of the best over 20 minute epics of all time.

“Flying To The Sun” (9:33) has a Yes meet The Beatles vibe going on towards the beginning but then becomes something different as it goes on then back to that vibe. Vocally, Carlos Sosa sounds very similar to Steve Walsh of his 70‘s output. Around the 3 minute mark the bass line reminds me of “Been Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction. The remainder of the song has a spacey vibe to it. I hear a mixture of influences including Yes, Genesis and The Beatles on this song alone.

“Cosmic Man” (8:18) ends off probably one of the most perfect albums that has been released in 2010. The overall tone is mellower than the rest of the album while being very spacey (thanks to the Mellotron, I think). All of the elements musically and vocally are present here. It ends on a very grand scale and could be the music over ending credits of a fantasy film.

Anima Mundi and their third album, The Way have rather quickly become a favorite release of 2010 to listen to over and over again. It’s that brilliant and that’s no bloated hyperbole statement. This is definitely going to be among my top 40 favorite releases of 2010. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 17th, 2010


01. Time To Understand (13:59)
02. Spring Knocks On The Door Of Men (26:32)
03. Flying To The Sun (9:33)
04. Cosmic Man (8:18)

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