Artist/ Band: Alon
Title: The Artist Manifesto: Document 1
Label: Great Egg Music
Year of Release: 2005
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Iíve been swamped by an overwhelming amount of CD and DVD submissions over the past year or so. Once in a great while I get a EP from a band or artist. Some are forgettable and others are simple sublime. Alon is such a band that falls into the latter with the submission of their latest 3 song EP release, The Artist Manifesto: Document 1.

This is one of the shorter EPs that have come across my desk and while itís short in length, it has a long lasting musical effect with strong hooks and melodies that keep you wanting more. Alon can be placed firmly in the art rock camp since it's more song based than progressive, not that that a minus for the band. In my opinion, it's a plus.

This wonderful EP gives the listener a taste of whatís to come. I for one am looking forward to more music from Alon.

Reviewed by on July 19th, 2005


01. Time Will Tell
02. Going Back
03. Art's End

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