Artist/ Band: Albatross
Title: Joy
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

The title, "Once I had A Brain" makes me think what type of brain? The songs on this cd are a very eclectic blend of "home-made" electronic and acoustic based songs, almost in the vein of Syd Barrett or Beck. Very chaotic and sometimes directionless from "Start" to "End". It would have been nice if they picked a more structured song base, maybe an instrumental set of songs, as there is some very good playing, with some ok mono-tone vocals through out the CD.

In closing, I honestly can't listen to this CD that much before getting a mild headache. Sorry it's just not my cup of tea.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 8th, 2002


01. Start [0:16]
02. Fuck Plato [2:36]
03. Compromise [2:04]
04. Wings of Love [1:23]
05. 40000Volts [4:50]
06. Alone [3:02]
07. Drawkcab [1:01]
08. 1000States [4:08]
09. Millennium [3:02]
10. Joy [3:26]
11. Idiotsincracy [2:43]
12. Burn [2:42]
13. Way [2:29]
14. Unaesthetic Song [4:22]
15. Cousin Jack [2:26]
16. Ought [3:32]
17. Password [2:11]
18. End [0:22]

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