Artist/ Band: Arthur Ellis 2000
Title: Alphomega
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

Arthur Ellis 2000 or AE2K brings the 80s new wave stylings combined with a art rock touch, almost aggressive at times but quite dance-able too! Most songs are under the 5 minute mark with the exception of one that almost hits the 7 minte mark. AE2K's style of music is perfect within the short time frame, so to expand on them would loose their punchiness and charm.The line-up for this album consists of Shannon Hallett (vocals), Peter "Fish" Fisera (keyboards), Dave Shannon (guitars), Richard Fordham (bass) and Brad Mitchell (drums).

Shannon's vocals reminds me of Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth as well as Toyah (Wilcox). All three have a very quirky and powerful vocals. For me, the guitars and keyboards are the highlight of the band. Keyboardist "Fish" primarily uses a hammond M-3, which I don't recall hearing any within the new wave era of the 80s. Dave has what I call an aggressive rock & prog sound that I'd like to see explored more. The songs are very well written and played with clever fun lyrics make this a wonderful album to listen to over & over, and with the right exposure this band of guys & girl could go far!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on November 11th, 2001


01. Necessary Illusions [3:53]
02. Homo Consumerus [4:15]
03. Hello Momma [3:56]
04. Urban Myth [4:23]
05. Hidden Symmetry [4:48]
06. Lizard [3:24]
07. Alien To Me [3:39]
08. Dreams of Flesh & Sand [6:55]

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